Nissan Teamed Up With Daniel Patrick For NISMO-inspired Sleepwear Called, Wait For It… Fast Asleep

Renowned streetwear designer Daniel Patrick has teamed up with Nissan to reveal a limited line of high-performance sleepwear, aptly named, “Fast Asleep.” I cannot say if insomniacs will enter Lalaland as fast as Nissan’s performance cars, but the collection sure does look sleek for sleepwear, even if it’s mostly for apparel that will not be …

Hot Wheels Collectors RLC Exclusive sELECTIONs 1972 Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R: The Second sELECTIONs For 2023

If you love JDMs, you are going to dig this car, well, I mean a die-cast car. What you see here is Hot Wheels Collectors’ latest RLC Exclusive sELECTIONs die-cast collectible, the Hot Wheels Collectors RLC Exclusive sELECTIONs 1972 Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R.

Nissan Sentra DET Concept: A Sentra Can Be High-performing And Sporty Too

Don’t worry about the absence of the Nissan Skyline NISMO sports sedan in the United States, because the Nissan Sentra DET Concept demonstrates that your Sentra can be just as sporty. While the idea of a family car as a sports car may seem unconventional in 2023, the active participation of cars like the Sentra …

Forsberg Racing Nissan Frontier Off-road Concept Heads To SEMA 2023 Straight From Test Race

Here’s another exciting news coming from Nissan. While the Forsberg Racing Nissan Frontier Off-road Concept Race Truck is not something money can buy – or at least, not now – it provides truck enthusiasts an idea of what the Frontier is capable of.

Nissan To Show Off Project Rugged Rogue SUV At SEMA 2023 This Week

Off-road enthusiasts are going to dig into this news. Nissan is revving up for the 2023 SEMA show, where they’ll infuse motorsports excitement and rugged off-road inspiration, which include the standout star of the show is Project Rugged Rogue, a concept that redefines the crossover SUV for adventurous families, catering to self-reliant off-road travel and …

Fifth And Final Nissan “Hyper” Concept Cars Revealed, And It Is A Supercar Called Hyper Force

Nissan thinks the future is Hyper, or at least its future is – quite literally in the name. Since October 03, the Japanese automaker has been unveiling one Hyper concept every week. This leads up to last week’s unveiling of the fifth and final concept: the Nissan Hyper Force Concept Car.

Nissan Hyper Punk Concept EV Unveiled, And No, It Does Not Have Triangular Wheels!

Following the spaceship on wheels concept of the Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept EV, Nissan has unveiled its fourth EV concept for the Japan Mobility Show. This time, it’s as bold and futuristic as ever, if not even more futuristic. I mean, just take a look at the Nissan Hyper Punk. Can you honestly say it …

Nissan Design Europe Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With An Urban Electric Concept Car Called 20-23

When we first encountered the Nissan Concept 20-23 last week, I had intended to gather the details and present them here. However, it turns out that the press material we received lacked technical specifics and was primarily filled with marketing-oriented design explanations. Nevertheless, here’s a brief overview of this incredibly charming sports car.

Nissan Skyline NISMO Sports Sedan Announced For Japan Market

The Nissan Skyline brand name is a legend and has always been associated with GT-R until R35 when Nissan decided to use a different platform not related to the Skyline. However, in Japan, the Skyline namesake lives on with the later versions being sold in the US as the Infiniti G35/G37. Not only the namesake …

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