Nissan Japan Presents 8 Custom Nissan Caravan Vans

I am pretty sure you have seen Nissan Caravan zipping around as the trusty workhorse for businesses. But do you know, this workhorse, which has been in production since 1973, is not just a panel van and a people mover? It is, as its model name suggests, a caravan too.

Nissan Japan Presents 8 Custom Nissan Caravan Vans

Well, a powered caravan that is aka a campervan or camper. It is highly customizable with a voluminous interior offering camping on wheels enthusiasts a blank canvas to create a camper that suits their needs. To showcase this versatility, Nissan Japan [JP] is kicking off the 51st year of the Caravan by collaborating with 8 custom shops nationwide.

Each shop has uniquely customized a Caravan, showcasing its versatility for various activities like camping, fishing, and more. These custom Caravans are tailored for outdoor leisure, featuring diverse modifications like surfboard storage, rooftop tents, and portable power systems.

Nissan Japan Presents 8 Custom Nissan Caravan Vans

The campaign, starting January 24, 2024, involves a public vote in three categories: Exterior, Interior, and Originality. Folks in Japan can vote for their favorite customized Caravan across three categories. One lucky voter will win a top-grade “Caravan GRAND Premium GX,” customized to their liking. Voting and campaign details are available on Nissan’s special website.

If you read Japanese, you may check out all 8 custom Caravans HERE [JP].

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Images: Nissan [JP].