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Tent-style Camping Trailer Is A Dream Come True For Small SUV Owners

Lets face it. Not everyone has or want a big and powerful automobile to tow around a camper, but even so, that does not mean that one should go without camper. The Air Opus Inflatable Camper Trailer you see here provides a chance for individuals or family who long for a camper without the heft and bulk. Think of Air Opus as a cross between a tent and a camper, but without the hassle of struggling with poles, or cranking system – thanks to the “Air Poles” that inflate swiftly (or 90 seconds, to be exact) via an integrated 12V battery-powered electric pump. Continue reading Tent-style Camping Trailer Is A Dream Come True For Small SUV Owners

Airstream Globetrotter Is An American Icon With An European Inside

Airstream and its signature riveted aluminum paneled camper trailers are unmistakably American. The thought of Airstream conjures up images of roller skates, drive-in burger places and kids eager to do some footloose out in the open car park, to the music turned out by small portable FM tuner-equipped cassette player. So, the question now is, can this American icon tweaked to offer the European luxury vibe? Well, apparently, it can – thanks to the magical touches lent to it by multidisciplinary design consultancy, Astheimer Limited and Globetrotter is the result. Continue reading Airstream Globetrotter Is An American Icon With An European Inside

Watch A Functional Camper Built From LEGO Bricks Come To Live

With so many campers/camper trailers going around, you hardly find anyone wanting to build one, but that’s not to say nobody does it. In fact, occasionally you will find home-built gem like the Atomic Camper, but have you seen one a functional caravan built entirely out of LEGO bricks? Well, if you haven’t, now you have because the LEGO Brick Caravan, constructed by UK-based professional LEGO builder Bright Bricks (the same folks who was responsible for the awesome Rolls-Royce engine from a few years ago), you see here is the world’s first and set the record as the Largest Caravan Built with Interlocking Plastic Bricks back in 2015. Continue reading Watch A Functional Camper Built From LEGO Bricks Come To Live

Bruder EXP-6 Is Probably The Craziest Camper Trailer We Have Seen

I am excited about a lot of things and usually when I do get excited, I will proceed to write a shit load of good stuff about it, but today, I found myself left speechless by the Bruder EXP-6 Expedition Camper Trailer. I am thrilled by a camper trailer. Imagine that. I am not going to lie; as I was writing this, I secretly wish I can have one even though the place that I reside has no room for such awesomeness. Ok. I admit. I am excited and sad at the same time. Continue reading Bruder EXP-6 Is Probably The Craziest Camper Trailer We Have Seen

Airstream’s Newest Camper Trailer Is Tiny, Needs No Truck To Tow Along

If the ever iconic, silver hull Airstream camper is a little too big for your need, or simply because your handsome SUV lacks of the torque to lug it along, well, then Airstream’s new Basecamp may be what you need. It is adventure on wheels without the heft and it is totally modern looking, so it should make look a little less old folksy – if that’s your perception of the silver hull Airstream. Coming in at under 3,000 pounds, this sleek, compact camper trailer does not need a serious torque monster such as a truck to tow. It can be pulled along with small SUVs, which addresses the practicality side of camper trailer ownership since not everyone has a truck. Continue reading Airstream’s Newest Camper Trailer Is Tiny, Needs No Truck To Tow Along

Mercedes-Benz Introduces New Marco Polo Camper Van, Book Opens Late July In Germany

looking to spend some quality time in the great outdoor with a bit of style and luxury? well, you are in luck, or least those in Germany are (at least for now), cos’ the pointed star marque has just the ride for you. with the new Marco Polo Camper Van, Mercedes-Benz continues its longstanding collaboration with Westfalia to offer campers high-quality, practical features, ranging from storage and lounging/sleeping arrangements to camping equipment for outdoors. some of features you can expect include satin Santiago fabric or satin Lugano leather in a choice of beige or black, yacht-style flooring, black piano-lacquer elements, interior LED lighting, a kitchenette with cupboard modules, sink, gas burners and refrigerator, generous storage compartment, built-in wardrobe, and a folding table with scratch resistant surface for up to four persons. Continue reading Mercedes-Benz Introduces New Marco Polo Camper Van, Book Opens Late July In Germany

Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer

road trip sounds awesome, however, that won’t be fun if you are left without accommodation in the middle of nowhere. you can sleep in the car, but you can’t really sleep on a bike and even if you can balance perfectly on your bike and not move a bit in your sleep, you still risk waking up to hyenas tucking your feet. this is where the Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer could be your perfect two-wheel companion for your next road trip. with less than 300 lbs, it is light enough to be towed by a motorcycle and in its barest form, it has essentials such as a 4-inch foam mattress, screened and tinted slider, and one lockable door to ensure you will have a good night, sheltered from the elements and safe from any potential intruders. Continue reading Moby1 C2 Compact Trailer

Bowlus Road Chief Trailer

if you thought AirStream was the coolest camper, then you have yet to see the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer. this extremely spacious camper is inspired by the timeless American styling and handmade by expert artisan from polished aircraft-grade aluminum panels dotted with raised rivets (over 5,000 of them, btw), giving this trailer the extra retro-listic character. the throwback design extends to its aerodynamically engineered form, along with matching elliptical windows with brass mesh. alluring appeal aside, the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer is every bit practical with features like extra large front door for easy loading of large gear like paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks or bicycles, integrated lash points for securing those gears, high ground clearance allowing it to be towed to almost anywhere, and yet, it is compact enough to be stored in a conventional garage. Continue reading Bowlus Road Chief Trailer

MINI Getaway Cars: Camper, Cowley and ALL4 Camp

MINI isn’t the car anyone would associate with a camping adventure, but that doesn’t discourage the German-own British automaker to propose you do so with their MINIs. these getaway concepts are not new. we have seen one such example, the MINI Clubvan Concept, last year but since there ain’t no new cars to show off, why not reiterate that your tiny MINI could do more in the adventure department? three concepts are being put forward: the MINI Clubvan Camper, the MINI Cowley, and the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp. in fact, we have seen the latter before too, but the latest iteration comes with a more generous room. the Clubvan Camper is billed as the world’s smallest luxury camper van (and we have no reason to doubt it) and is packed with practical amenities for an ideal weekend getaway. the MINI Cowley is a compact caravan designed for two and is pretty well-equipped with stuff like a twin-ring gas stove, fridge, as well as a sink – all you need is to stock the fridge with what you need. Continue reading MINI Getaway Cars: Camper, Cowley and ALL4 Camp

Airstream Land Yacht Trailer

long for a luxurious seafaring yacht, but can’t shake off your fear for the unforgiving open water? then the Airstream Land Yacht Trailer might just be right up your alley. measuring a good 28 feet long and sporting Airstream’s trademark clean aluminum exterior, this majestic trailer incorporates design elements found in luxury yacht, such as high-luster teak and white wood inlay boat-deck flooring, LED panel lighting elements, Corian solid-surface countertops, and Ultraleather upholstery. it has sleeping accommodations for up to five people and as far as amenities go, it has a bathroom, a hide-away galley, a bedroom complete with nightstands and wardrobe, and a social space at the back. the Airstream Land Yacht Trailer was first showcased as a concept at an RV show in November last year, and is now destined for production, which is a good news for the affluents who prefer solid ground than lapping water. Continue reading Airstream Land Yacht Trailer