Five New Toyota Hilux Campers by DirectCars

The super cool Adventure Camper we saw last February is not the last of the Toyota Hilux-based camper from the DirectCars. It is set to spice up the camping world at the Japan Camping Car Show 2024 (February 2-5, 2024, Makuhari Messe in Chiba) with an impressive lineup of 16 camping vehicles, of which are five fresh models that are sure to get outdoor enthusiasts talking.

Five New Toyota Hilux Campers by DirectCars

These aren’t just any camping cars; Direct Cars has a knack for innovative designs and a diverse range. Remember last year’s show-stealer, the Hilux-based BR75? Expect that kind of ingenuity again. The spotlight this year will be on five new models, each bringing a unique flavor to the camping experience.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new stars:

BEACH – A compact Cab Con based on the Town Ace. It’s designed for casual camping, blending everyday use with outdoor adventures.

NINJA – Another Cab Con, this time using the camper-dedicated Camroad truck. Its standout feature is a large, hidden storage space, reflecting its namesake.

TRIP BLACK EDITION – Joining the high-grade Trip series, this model keeps its luxury features but comes with a more subdued interior design.

TRIP LOGBASE PREMIUM EDITION – The flagship model elevates luxury camping with its executive interior and comprehensive facilities.

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RETREAT BLACK EDITION – Based on the HiAce, this Van Con model combines practicality with a serene interior design.

Five New Toyota Hilux Campers by DirectCars

For the ultimate ‘Platinum Class’ experience, Direct Cars will also feature their Platinum Interior Package. It’s like being in a luxury RV, with each piece handcrafted for elegance and comfort.

So, if you’re near Chiba, Japan in early February, don’t miss the chance to check out these innovative camping cars at the Japan Camping Car Show 2024 at Makuhari Messe. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore what’s new in the world of camping vehicles.

Images: DirectCars [JP].