Custom Flying Umbrella by I Build Stuff

Ever wish you could go hands-free and not get wet in the rain? Well, you could a few years ago if you picked up the umbrella drone, which was basically a DJI drone armed with a small umbrella. But the DJI umbrella drone was not the only one. Shortly after, a number of them popped up. Fast forward to 2024, someone decided to make one too. But this custom-designed and built flying umbrella drone by the YouTube channel I Build Stuff is not simply a drone slapped on with an umbrella.

Custom Flying Umbrella by I Build Stuff

I Build Stuff’s Flying Umbrella is designed from the ground up to be, well, a flying umbrella. It is a whole new category if you ask me. This dude built a four-rotor drone around a brolly. While others have the propellers sheltered by the umbrella, I Build Stuff’s design has all four rotors outstretched to four corners and outside of the comfort of a shelter.

I Build Stuff thought that having props under the shelter is not the most efficient and based on his search on the Internet, it does not appear to work very well. Though some inventors may beg to differ. Anyways, long story short. This young inventor/filmmaker did it. His flying umbrella took off. The only thing it is lacking is autonomy. It needs an RC controller to control it. But it is a good start and if I can be honest, I Build Stuff’s Flying Umbrella somehow looks a lot more sci-fi-ish than all other builds we have seen so far.

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Images: YouTube (I Build Stuff).