Drone is probably one of the greatest invention of our time. It has a variety of uses, including imaging, land surveying, building inspection, taking down errand drones, and tracking crooks. It can even be used in entertainment where it could potentially displace traditional fireworks. Now, you can add umbrella on the list too. Wait, what? Yes. Brolly and and we are not even in April. It appears that this umbrella-equipped DJI Phantom 4 isn’t a joke; it is a real deal from UK drone seller, DronesDirect. DronesDirect, if you recall, is the same folks who brought you the 24k gold-plated DJI and so, I am guessing if these guys can dished out a gold-coated example, a DJI with umbrella shouldn’t be all that ridiculous, right? Ok, maybe it is a little out-of-this-world. Just a little.

So, what can this drone with brolly can do? Well, simple, it keeps rain from getting to you, or at least your head and maybe part of your shoulders, and it does so by autonomously hovering over you by sniffing out the GPS of your smartphone. With this hands free umbrella drone, you will free yourself from the chore of having to carry the umbrella yourself so you can put that one hand to good use, like, you know, holding up a to-go cup of coffee? Or even texting with both hands while walking in the rain (we are not encouraging the text-and-walk thing, btw).

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Apart from the brolly, this DJI Phantom 4 is still very much the DJI Phantom 4 you know, which means it offers up to 30 minutes of flight time (or sheltering, in this case) and has in-built collision avoidance technology to keep it from smashing into lampposts, trees and whatnot. It is, of course, designed to deal with unexpected gusts so your umbrella won’t suddenly disappear when you needed it most. I am not going to lie; I thought the whole idea is super quirky. And that is a good enough reason to feature it here. Though, I personally doubt that tiny yellow thing is going to have you sheltered properly. Until we see a video of it in action, we reserve our rights to be skeptical. Then again, even if can’t shelter you whole, at least you can keep flying it when it is pouring outside.

If you are convince this is the drone for you, you can acquire it from DronesDirect for £1,299, which works out to be around 1,644 American dollars.

DronesDirect via Technabob

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