Virtual Reality is immersive. But the Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator is really going to take immersion to the next level. With a hemisphere design, Feel Three boasts 3 omnidirectional wheels and 3 motors, affording 360-degree rotation to simulate turns or yaws, and over 90 degrees of roll.

Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator

You will be able to set the speed and intensity of each game, limiting how much rotation et cetera. It is modular too. This means you can outfit it for racing or flying video games. Last but not least, it is outfitted with tactile transducers so you can feel every bump and bullet for the next level of immersion.

Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator was a successfully funded Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. From what we understand, Feel Three has yet to deliver, but it does not mean it is not real. Many have had a go with the rig.

Feel Three Virtual Reality Motion Simulator

If you are willing to endure the wait, you can pre-order the rig for £2,499 (or about $3,250). However, there’s no telling when it will be delivered.

For this handsome amount, you will the hemisphere itself with a Lycra cover, a pair of controller adapters, tactile transducers, seat mount, amplifier with power supply unit, a 4-point seat belt, an internal cable arm, and the based which houses the control unit and power, omniwheels and motors.

VR headset and PC are, obviously, not included in the price.

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Have a look at the promo video below to learn more.

Images: Feel Three.

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