What kind of business are you in that requires to work even while waiting for your flight? That’s super cruel, but who am I to judge, right? If you really need to make airport your makeshift office, make sure you are geared up with a suitcase like the high-tech Samsara Next Gen Suitcase to do the job.

In addition the usual like a flat top for a functional mobile desk, portable wireless charging dock for mobile phones, and USB-C port to charge your laptop, this suitcase for the tech savvy, hardworking people also packs new tech features like GPS and Bluetooth 5.1 tracking, plus WiFi Hotspot.

There’s a catch here though. WiFi Hotspot doesn’t magically happen. Samsara Luggage has partnered with Monogoto to enable this feature. And you, being a buyer of this futuristic suitcase will get to enjoy secured WiFi Hotspot “at a preferred rate.” So, yes, you will need shell out money for that magic to happen.

Anywho, the suitcase goes a step further by alerting, through push notifications to your smartphone, when your suitcase is opened while you’re away.

Samsara Next Gen Suitcase with Hotspot

As a suitcase, Samsara Next Gen Suitcase is a 23-inch carry-on size which is just about the biggest a carry-on can get. Finally, Samsara assures that all the new tech “complies with “airline regulations and aviation guidelines.”

Samsara Next Gen Suitcase is available with or without WiFi Hotspot. With WiFi Hotspot model has a pre-sale price of $279 (U.P. $399) while the model without sells for $199 (U.P. $296). Delivery will commence in Spring 2020.

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Images: Samsara Luggage.

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