Folks, I am beginning to suspect that every job on Earth has a video game equivalent in a genre called “simulator”. Simulator, in 2022, is not limited to flying or driving. It can be anything from road maintenance to washing to building a garbage collection empire.

Heavy Truck Simulator Video Game by G11

Clearly, the sky is the limit and there are jobs that haven’t already been covered. I believe those will be covered in due course but right now, we can strike operating heavy trucks off the list.

From Poland-based game publisher, G11 S.A. is Heavy Truck Simulator. The game title may not be obvious about what it is. Yes, it lets you operate heavy trucks but what it did not tell you is, that you’d be in the ore mining industry. Pretty cool, eh?

Heavy Truck Simulator Video Game by G11

Here’s the plot:

Heavy Truck Simulator is a realistic simulation game where you can drive, repair and customize heavy-duty quarry machines and vehicles. Here you can develop your own mining empire. Be in control of every aspect of your enterprise- from gathering the corf to making deliveries yourself. Also, on a day-to-day basis, you will need to deal with various repairs of your vehicles and their equipment that you can pick and modify depending on what work needs to be done. Completing the objectives gives you the opportunity to expand your business even further by creating a network of mines, quarries, and stone pits.”

So it is not just climbing up a three-story high truck and getting behind its wheel, and starting moving things. It is also a test of your management skills. The Heavy Truck Simulator will be available on Steam. However, availability and pricing are not known. Launch video after the break.

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Heavy Truck Simulator Video Game by G11

Images: G11 S.A.

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