Making a stop motion video of cooking meals with non-edible stuff like gadgets and whatnot offers a surreal watching experience. “Cooking up” a pizza with LEGO elements, also in stop motion, takes that surreal experience to the next level.

OK. Maybe I am a little biased because, LEGO is my thing. But rest assure, this is more satisfying to watch if you are a big LEGO fan, and/or a fan of pizza.

Created by stop motion animator/YouTuber Bebop, the video Lego Pizza – Lego In Real Life / Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR (I have no idea why the ASMR here), Bebop cooked up a pizza proper using some interesting “ingredients.”

LEGO Pizza Stop Motion Cooking

I think the most brilliant part had to be how cutting and slicing the “ingredients” turned them into LEGO elements. I guess you could say its movie magic or something like that.

All told, the entire 2+ minutes video was made with a whopping 3,300 pictures, said Bebop. Keep going and have a look at the video yourself. Tell me it is not a satisfying watch.

Before you go, we would like say something… we salute the dedication of filmmakers/animators, both amateur and professional, who make stop motion video. We really do.

Images: YouTube (Bebop).

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Source: The Awesomer.

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