Here’s a stop motion video that is going to bend your mind. Created by YouTuber omozoc who makes stop motion cooking video that does not involved any real edible food. This particular video is called keyboard crasher’s lunch. The menu of this day was a keyboard which the creator decided to use it as sandwich’s bread as a spite after a key failed.

omozoc Keyboard Crasher’s Lunch Video

The entire sequence was painstakingly created with stop motion technique which the author stitch together over 2,400 individual photos to create the 3 minute plus video. No CGI or whatsoever was involved. That’s pretty darn crazy. Anywho, the result is a whimsical video that is at the same utterly mind-bending. Continue reading to find the said video.

A side note though. For reasons that I do not understand, I felt a little queasy in a particular scene where the author broke a mouse as an egg (that’s the still in the feature image up top, btw). I am not sure why when the supposed egg white and egg yolk were mixed, it gave me the nausea feeling. Just thought I’d share my experience.

Image: YouTube (omozoc).

Source: Gigazine.

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