if you really think about it, the smartwatches we have seen thus far aren’t really designed for ladies. yes. some of them may suit the fairer sexes, but deep down we know they are more geared towards men, which really shouldn’t be the case. however, that might change if Finland-based product creation house Creoir have their way with the Ibis Dual Face Smartwatch; not only does Ibis has two faces: one for the analog clock and another for the notification, it is also one with the elegance of jewelry. honestly, if you don’t scrutinize the watch face, you may never know it is in fact a smartwatch.

main features of the Ibis include a stainless steel and crystal construction, low power optimized Android platform with custom UI, interoperable with iOS and Android devices, a touch-enabled OLED display, built-in Bluetooth 4.0 LE and WiFi, USB connectivity, and sensors built into it. the whole package is of course, designed to work in sync with your smartphone, allowing you to do what smartwatches do best: checking on notifications without whipping out your, possibly, gigantic handset from your purse.

now ladies, don’t get all too excited yet, cos’ the Ibis Dual Face Smartwatch is still a concept and therefore there is no telling if it will ever be made. however, if you happen to be at the 2014 MWC, you can drool over the Ibis in person at the Team Finland stand located at 5F31 in Hall 5. in the mean time, you might want to have a look at the concept product video, plus a few more product images below.

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