Razer Partnered With Fossil For Limited Edition Razer x Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch

Judging from the uncertainty of the third Razer Phone, it is safe to assume Razer may never have a smartwatch at all. But fret not fans of Razer who have longed for a Razer smart timepiece because there is one now. Well, kind of.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch Is Xiaomi’s Attempt To Create A Classy Smartwatch

Are you confused by the different models of Xiaomi smartphones? Well, if so, then you’d be prepared to be confused by its smartwatches too. That’s right. Xiaomi has unveiled yet another smartwatch, just months after it has revealed the Xiaomi Watch Color 2.

Xiaomi Watch Color 2 Smartwatch: Super Affordable Wearable With Long Battery Life

Before Xiaomi became a big player, you’d be hard-pressed to find affordable gadgets from big names. Now that Xiaomi has become big, its pricing policy remains the same and this affords consumers to pick up reasonably good quality gadgets for less. The Xiaomi Watch Color 2 is the latest example.

Motorola Has A New Smartwatch That Costs Just US$100

Motorola stopped dabbling in the smartwatch business some years ago. Two years ago it made a comeback with the third-generation Moto 360, made and marketed by eBuyNow. We thought it was the first and last of it from eBuyNow, but nope. It is very much alive and kicking in 2021 and with the new moto …

Samsung Galaxy Watch4: Finally A Worthy Wear OS Device And Finally, A Worthy Galaxy Watch [Review]

I have been a fan of Google since Google Nexus One by HTC and so naturally, I have been a supporter of Google and its Wear OS despite its shortcomings and not to mention the lack of reliable and not bank-breaking smartwatches running it. The aforementioned reasons are why I have stuck with TicWatch until …

TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra Smartwatch Announced, Has Fancy Customized Colorful Backlight

I’m pretty sure no one asked for a customized colorful backlight, but here it is anyways on the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS. It was rumored that it will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+, but it isn’t.

Apple Watch Series 7: Can You Tell That It Has Been Redesigned?

This is the completely redesigned Apple Watch Series 7. Oh, you can’t tell that it has been redesigned? Well, allow us to help you see the changes. For starters, it now has a noticeable larger Always-On Retina display and very thin borders that measure just 1.7 mm – 40 percent smaller than those on Apple …