ok, maybe an add-on second screen may sounds kind of lame for some and if that’s the case, then you might want to check out the YotaPhone 2nd Generation Dual Display Smartphone for your dual screen fix. coming along later this year (no specific, same goes for the pricing), the second iteration is has a little more curve to it with its roundish design and sporting larger displays. yes, plural cos’ both the monochrome e-ink display and the regular display gets a bump in size; the always-on EPD display is now at 4.7-inch, full touch-enabled “with higher resolution, greater pixel density and a built-in light” and the main display not only gets an increase in screen size to 5-inch, but it is now of a Full HD AMOLED item. all told, the new-gen YotaPhone is capable of delivering over 50 hours of battery life when reading on the e-ink display.

the 4.7-inch e-ink display is sort of like the ‘last mile’ for the device, as it can be utilized to show and response to real-time notifications, read books and newspaper, keep track of agendas and even post comments to social media, thereby saving you from tapping on the power-hungry 1080p display. there is also a Smart Power Mode which allows you to turn off the color screen and execute functions like calls on the always-on display to further conserve battery life. under the hood, it has a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip, plus features like an 8MP main shooter, a 2MP front-facing camera, a larger 2,550 mAh battery, wireless charging, NFC, “advanced anti-theft protection”, high-performance integrated hands-free audio, and of course, the usual suspect of connectivity and sensors. all these goodies are packed into a sleek and, in our humble opinion, more eye-pleasing design with a thinner 8.9mm profile.

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YotaPhone 2nd Generation Dual Display Smartphone

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