E INK Demoed Color e-Paper, Signals A Colorful Future For E-ink Display

The benefits of e-paper, AKA e-ink, are obvious. It consumes less power, it’s always-on, it won’t break like glass displays do, has wide viewing angle, and it is lightweight and totally sunlight readable – just to name a few. However, enjoying those benefits means giving up on colors, but that’s until now.

Sony 13-inch Digital Paper In White Looks Even More Like A Piece Of Paper

If you haven’t heard, Sony DPT-CP1 10-inch Digital Paper has a bigger brother, the Sony DPT-RP1 13-inch Digital Paper. It is basically the DPT-CP1, but larger for seeing and writing more. We have just received a note from Sony, announcing a new color option, white, for the Sony DPT-RP1 13-inch Digital Paper. The new, white […]

Sony Partners New Balance To Put e-Paper On This Concept Sneakers

Sony, if you haven’t already heard, wants to dabble beyond electronics. It is taking a dip into the fashion world too, starting with the FES Watch U and this: a pair of sneakers called 247 v2 Concept by New Balance. OK. Maybe Sony is not expanding into fashion. What it really wants is to showcase […]

Sony Has A Wrist Watch That Isn’t A Smartwatch. It Is A Digital Fashion

The mention of Sony and timepiece may evoke the idea of smartwatches, but the Sony FES Watch U is NOT a smartwatch. It is the first fashion watch from Sony. This being a product of Sony means that, despite it not being a smartwatch, it is not your ordinary wrist watch. It is the first […]

Unique Clock With E-ink Display In Blister Case Can Go On For 2 Years

Here’s avant-garde wall clock for those who desire for an unusual and high-tech look. Called E-blister, designed by Russia-born designer Vadim Kibardin of KIBARDIN Design, it is the last timepiece in KIBARDIN Design’s 3D digital skeleton clock collection. What captures us is not just the avant-garde design; it is the battery life. Man, this thing […]

Meet Sony’s Newest Paperless Office Solution, The 10-inch Digital Paper

There is a lot of talk about plastics harming the environment, but papers aren’t doing our lovely Blue Marble any good either. While papers are generally recyclable, they are not truly sustainable. Due to the growing populations, humans simply get grow enough trees to cover what has been deforested. This is an area Sony aims […]

Top New Gadgets For Content Creators

Everyone can be a content creator today. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, it is easy to advertise your work and attract a large audience. The same can be said for video sharing platforms such as YouTube. The tools you use to produce great content should never impose limitation to your creative […]

OAXIS InkCase i7 Plus: Protect Your iPhone 7 Plus And Get A Second Screen

However advanced the latest iPhone is, battery life is still a huge concern. That’s probably because this wonderful device has so many uses that we can’t help but pull it out and do something, every minute of our waking hours. Not exactly a good habit I did say, especially taxing for the battery and also […]

The World’s Biggest E-ink Display Is Here To Save Your Eyes

The development of LED display does provide our eyes some form of reprieve, but it is not ideal. The bright light emitted by today’s display is still harmful and instead of living with the side effects, a China-based company, Dasung, tables the idea of using e-ink display as the alternative display monitor for our daily […]