Huawei Mate Xs: The First Huawei Folding Screen Device To Be Available Outside Of China

If you are a power user who always must have a smartphone and a tablet with you, and totally in need for multitasking, then Huawei’s new foldable Mate Xs is for you. Or may be not – if your life is overly reliant on Google Services.

Sony Xperia 1 II: A Flagship Smartphone That Is Still Rocking A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Sony just concluded its first-ever online-only phone reveal in lieu of the canceled MWC 2020 in Barcelona. It was a no nonsense, straight to the point reveal. Three devices were revealed by Mitsuya Kishida, President of Sony Mobile Communications, Inc.

Sony Xperia L4 Is An Entry Level Xperia Packing MediaTek Helio P22 Chip

As a prelude to announcing its flagship mobile device on February 24, Sony Europe has revealed an entry-level Xperia device, the Sony Xperia L4. It really is an entry-level device as it is powered by MediaTek Helio P22 MT6762 (Arm Cortex-A53, octacore 2.0 GHz) with just 3 GB RAM and 64 GB storage.

Thanks To Motorola, A Stylus-equipped Budget Smartphone Is Coming Your Way

Not many phones in the market come standard with a stylus and as such, a phone with a stylus almost always indicate premium price tag. Not if Motorola can help it. The American handset maker is dishing out two budget smartphones to celebrate the brand’s 100 million moto g smartphones sold.

This Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Durability Test Video May Change Your Mind About Buying The Device

Since we reported the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip before, we felt obligated to let you in on something rather big with this device. Specifically with regards to the so-called Ultra Thin Glass or UTG for short.

Deceased Colombian Drug Lord’s Company Is Back With A Second Folding Phone

Remember the surprise folding phone from the notorious deceased Colombian drug lord’s company, Escobar, Inc.? Well, as it turns out, those guys are pretty damn serious about making phones. The company has followed up to its Royal FlexPai clone we saw last year with yet another folding phone, this time, it appears to be a […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Breaks Cover With The Ultra Model Rocking 108 MP Wide-angle Camera

I have to admit, while the Galaxy Z Flip may not boasts flagship specs, but damn, it has made phones like the new Samsung Galaxy S20 looks a little too mundane, doesn’t it? So, yeah, the Galaxy S20 is finally official.

Everything You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip In Infographic

What used to be the “runway” show for the usual flagship Galaxy S series at this time of the year has been outshone by a new type of Galaxy – the much anticipated clamshell folding screen phone, the Galaxy Z Flip.

ZTE Axon 10S Pro Revealed, Becomes The First Phone To Be Announced With SD 865

2020 is the year of Snapdragon 865 and the first device of 2020 to be announced with this next-gen mobile processor is the ZTE AXON 10S Pro. ZTE has beaten Samsung to the game… in the announcement aspect, that is.