Oppo Reno Ace Announced Along With A Limited Gundam Edition

We knew there will be a Gundam edition Oppo smartphone, but what we did not know is that the device is the brand’s new flagship device, Oppo Reno Ace. That’s right. There is yet another Reno in the Chinese market and it is the second device that we know to sport a 90 Hz AMOLED […]

Microsoft Wants You To Multi-task Like A Champ With Dual-Screen Tablet And Phone

Until the day Iron Man-style holographic projection becomes a reality, getting more screens is having more screens. And more screens is exactly what the Microsoft Surface Neo and Duo are about.

Good News If You Have Not Bought The OnePlus 7 Because, There Is Now A OnePlus 7T

Fans should have seen this coming. If the the new OnePlus 7 Pro flagship pricing puts you off in getting it, well, the good news is, there is now a tad more affordable OnePlus 7T. While there is already an OnePlus 7, but that is not available to the U.S. markets.

Forget About Waterfall Display, Xiaomi Mix Alpha Has Wraparound Display!

Waterfall display will be a hype in the smartphone industry, but apparently Xiaomi has a more ambitious plan. The smartphone maker has unveiled a smartphone with a display that goes beyond extreme curves; it literally has wraparound display. I am not even kidding.

Vivo Launches V17 Pro In India With The World’s First 32 MP Dual Pop-up Selfie Camera

China’s handset makers are taking market segmentation to the next level which, IMHO, should be less of an importance in the age of globalization. Think may be able to save some marketing and even development cost if they ditch one of the oldest “trick” in the marketing books. As far as segmentation goes, Vivo is […]