Redmagic 8 Pro Gaming Smartphone Has The Fastest Chip And Memories There Are Today

Another year, another Redmagic gaming smartphone. If I can be honest, the new Redmagic 8 Pro Gaming Smartphone could be the prettiest Redmagic device to date. I may be biased because I am never and never will be a fan of curved designs, whether it is the screen or the back.

Commentary: What Happens When Your Phone Breaks Down, Software-driven Cars, And More

In this article, I need to address something that not many tech bloggers have not addressed and that is if digital life is the way to go moving forward. I may be a tech enthusiast but I am also wary of the vulnerability of being too reliant on tech. I am afraid to adopt a …

My Life With Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 For The Past 5 Months: Semi-Long Term Review

I don’t want to tell you how great or not the display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is. If you haven’t already gotten into folding phones and want to do so, perhaps you may want to read what I have to say first. This is my quick long-term take on the Samsung Galaxy Z …

Vivo And KFC China’s Sweepstakes Prize Include A Family Bucket Bag And A Vivo X90

Every Thursday is KFC China’s crazy Thursday where customers can expect to find discounts on select products. However, this past Crazy Thursday was a little different. For this Thursday (January 12), KFC China partnered with smartphone maker Vivo to hold a “buy chicken, win smartphone” campaign.

OnePlus 11 Smartphone: It’s Everything You Expect Of A Flagship, Plus Hasselblad

Last year’s OnePlus’ flagship, the 10 series, did not have a non-Pro model but this year’s follow-up, the 11 series, actually has a non-Pro model and it is already touted as its “first flagship smartphone of 2023.” Hearing that, you know it is top spec-ed, making you wonder if there ever will be a Pro …

Oppo Find N2 Folding Phone: This Time, The Second Display Gets A Lot Of Love

Exactly a year on since revealing its first folding phone, Oppo has announced a follow-up simply called Oppo Find N2. The new Oppo Find N2 retains the awesome form factor and design of the Find N but with several improvements in the area of the display, hinge design, processor (obviously), and imaging.

Xiaomi 13 Series Smartphone: Powered By Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform

We just told you about the Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition and here we are, writing about the new Xiaomi 13 Series. There are two models (so far), namely, Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro. You can understand the former as the successor to the Xiaomi 12S and the latter, as a follow-up to …