can’t get enough of quality speakers without breaking the bank? then you might want to give the upcoming Roth OLi RA Loudspeakers a thought. now in its third incarnation, the new OLi RA lineup includes two bookshelf speaker models, a pair of floor standing towers, a center speaker, as well as a subwoofer. if you have been following Roth, you will know that the British firm takes plight in offering a balance between performance and price points, which means you get to enjoy awesome sound and quality build – all without having to spend a fortune. not contend with the various accolades bagged for its two previous of OLi RA, Roth takes the latest iteration’s sonic performance up a notch with acoustic tuning by renown UK master speaker designer Richard Allen – the man behind boutique speaker makes such as Arcaydis and EB Acoustics.

the new Roth OLi RA Loudspeakers promised to deliver sweet detailed treble with a 1″ black diamond silk dome tweeter used throughout the range. in addition to this 1″ tweeter, the RA bookshelf speaker (£99) is also fitted with a 4″ woven fiberglass hybrid driver, while its big bro, the RA2 (£149), gets a larger 5.25″ driver along with a larger cabinet volume for a more room-filling audio reproduction. the same silk dome tweeter is also found on the RA3 tower speaker (£299), alongside with a pair of 5.25″ drivers and the flagship RA4 (£399) gets some really serious sonic power from the 6.5″ drivers. the 1″ tweeter and a pair of 5.25″ drivers can also be found in the C30 center speaker (£99). last but not the least, the KH30 subwoofer (£249) offers up 200W of power handling, consummating this third-gen Roth OLi RA home theater setup.

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the Roth OLi RA Loudspeakers will hit the stores in UK this September. scroll down for a few more look, courtesy of Roth Audio.

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