Looking for a portable speaker with high-quality audio and versatility when it comes to connectivity? Well, if so, you may be interested in the new Sonos Move 2. This follow-up to the Sonos Move boasts a new acoustic architecture with two tweeters for a higher-fidelity stereo soundstage.

Sonos Move 2 Wireless Speaker

The new Sonos Move 2 promises crisp vocals and the details of each instrument are precisely articulated in left and right channels. The speaker further features a precision-tuned woofer backed by advanced digital signal processing for deep, dynamic, and clean bass.

Thanks to the automatic Trueplay tuning, the Move 2 utilizes microphones to analyze the acoustics of its surroundings and continually optimizes the sound. This means that no matter where you are, or what you play, you’d be getting the best listening experience.

The device packs a battery good for 24 hours of play in between charges and when it is time to time, you can set it on the optionally available super sleek, Wireless Charging Base to be topped. The Wireless Charging Base, which costs an extra US$79, has been upgraded too. It now comes with a detachable and more compact adapter, offering more freedom of placement.

Sonos Move 2 Wireless Speaker

Obviously, because it is designed to be moved, it is drop- and water-resistant (IP56).

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Other highlights include sleek touch controls, voice-enabled, and a number of connectivity, including line-in, Bluetooth, WiFi, and support for Apple AirPlay 2.

Aesthetically, the Sonos Move 2 inherits the signature Sonos minimalistic design that is clean and yet head-turning.

The new Sonos Move 2 Wireless Speaker is available to order for US$449 with shipping on September 20, 2023. It is available in black, white, and olive colors.

Sonos Move 2 Wireless Speaker
Sonos Move 2 Wireless Speaker

Images: Sonos.

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