IKEA Sonos Speaker Lamp Symfonisk Gets Updated With Mix-and-Match Look And Better Sound

Sonos is not cheap, but it became affordable in 2019 when the American speaker maker teamed up with IKEA, for a hybrid lamp speaker called Symfonisk. Two years on, IKEA Sonos Speaker Lamp Symfonisk gets an update both visually and internally.

If You Really Need A Remote Control For IKEA x Sonos Speakers, Here It Is

Do you know why IKEA x Sonos line of Symfonisk speakers do not have a remote? The real reason is, you don’t need one. You’d be streaming, duh. However, IKEA will gladly sell you a remote if you really want one and you probably do after seeing how cool the remote is.

IKEA x Sonos Speakers To Arrive In August, Will Support AirPlay 2

You heard of the collaboration and now here they are, the IKEA x Sonos Speakers. After much anticipation, Sonos finally serves up some details on the products born out of this collaboration between the flatpack furniture giant and the American speaker maker. For starter, two products were announced: a table lamp/speaker hybrid called Symfonisk table …

This Is Beam, SONOS Most Affordable Smart Soundbar Yet

SONOS has always been a premium, but not anymore. It all changes this July when the newly-announced SONOS Beam Smart Soundbar hits the stores. Billed as “the world’s most versatile smart speaker for both TV and Music,” SONOS Beam promised to deliver rich sound experience for movies, TV shows, music and whatnot, while supporting over …

SONOS New Under-The-TV Sound System Wants To Boost Your TV’s Audio

While SONOS has not been exactly quiet in the market, it didn’t really have a new product like, in years (redesigned and refreshed products does not count). That changes with SONOS PLAYBASE, a TV companion speaker system designed from the ground-up that’s truly new to the SONOS family. Though it is worthy to note that …

SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker System

there are many wireless speakers in the market, but there are only a few if you are looking into a complete wireless ecosystem for your home entertainment needs. the SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker System is just one of them, and it can join the firm’s PLAYBAR, Sub, as well as PLAY:3 to give you complete SONOS Wireless HiFi System, or you can choose to use it as a standalone wireless speaker, or pair with another to create a true wireless stereo system.

SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless Sound Bar

setting up a home theater system may seems like rocket science to some and that’s not to mention the inevitable clutter the multitude of cables that comes standard with such a setup that would almost certainly induce nerve-wrecking breakdown to any neat freaks. thanks to development such as the SONOS PLAYBAR wireless sound bar, non-tech inclined folks