While SONOS has not been exactly quiet in the market, it didn’t really have a new product like, in years (redesigned and refreshed products does not count). That changes with SONOS PLAYBASE, a TV companion speaker system designed from the ground-up that’s truly new to the SONOS family. Though it is worthy to note that the concept of PLAYBASE is hardly new. If the product name offers any hint, it would be it is a base and it is indeed a base, designed to slip under a stand-equipped TV (up to 77 lbs or 35 kg), just like what LG, Bose and the likes have done.

SONOS PLAYBASE Speaker System For TV

So, yeah, SONOS PLAYBASE is essentially a flattened soundbar which, with up to 70% TVs are stand-based and not wall mounted, SONOS saw a huge opportunity to reach out to more folks who want to give their flatscreen TV’s sound a boost without the clutter associated with a typical surround system. Like any good sound bar, PLAYBASE also serves as an awesome speaker for wireless audio streaming when not in use with your TV.

SONOS PLAYBASE Speaker System For TV

At just 58mm (about 2.3 inches) tall, SONOS PLAYBASE packs a whopping 10-driver setup comprising of six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer – all with its own dedicated amplifier that promised to deliver everything you expect from a SONOS speaker and with a lot of style to boot, well, that’s if you are into that sort of thing (but why wouldn’t anyone?). At a glance, the device appears to look like a single piece of granite (especially with the white model) – save for the 43,000 plus holes of the acoustically transparent grill that hinted that it is in fact a speaker system.

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SONOS PLAYBASE Speaker System For TV
You can pair with other SONOS products to create a full-fledged home entertainment system.

As with other SONOS system, details like size of the drivers and whatnot are not forthcoming, but we do know, albeit vaguely, that the drivers are powered by a software that precisely control the sound coming from each transducer and also affording flexibility in control, be it with your TV remote, SONOS app, or select partner apps. Also come standard with SONOS PLAYBASE is Trueplay that would allow you to adjusts the sound of the device “to the specifics of any particular room.” SONOS PLAYBASE is slated for April 4 availability, priced at $699.

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