Aston Martin x Red Bull Racing Valkyrie Hypercar

Remember that crazy looking (in a good way, that is) Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing collab hypercar codenamed AM-RB 001 we saw last year? Well, it now has an official name, and it is called Aston Martin Valkyrie. But why the name ‘Valkyrie’. About that, it is not quite clear of actual reason, except for the fact that Valkyrie are female figures who have a say as to who may live or who may die in a battle. For those who fell in the battlefield, Valkyrie will bring half of them to Valhalla; the afterlife oversaw by Odin, Ruler of the Gods (in norse mythology).

Now, you see why I cannot wrap my head around the choice of name? It is safe to say Valkyrie revolves around wars, which is not exactly a fitting name for a (presumably) peace-loving marque and a car? Or did Valkyrie used a chariot of sort? I pretty sure she flew, or just teleports to wherever she needs to go. Or maybe it is just for the coolness of the word and it happens to begin with a V, a letter that has long tradition with Aston Martin’s performance homologates (you know, like the Virage, Vanquish, Vantage and Vulcan?).

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Anyways, in case you don’t already know, this luscious supercar of supercars was co-developed by the British marque and Red Bull Advanced Technologies, along with a bunch of world’s leading technology partners, including AF Racing, Cosworth, Multimatic, and Michelin. Speaking of Michelin, a recent announcement confirms that Aston Martin Valkyrie will be wearing Michelin’s renowned Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires over the ride’s lightweight magnesium alloy wheels. A pair of 265/35 ZR20 will be paired with the front’s 20-inch alloys while the rear’s 21-inch rolling stocks will be wrapped in massive 325/30 ZR21 rubber. Skip ahead for the official video.

All images courtesy of Aston Martin.