Sonos is not cheap, but it became affordable in 2019 when the American speaker maker teamed up with IKEA, for a hybrid lamp speaker called Symfonisk. Two years on, IKEA Sonos Speaker Lamp Symfonisk gets an update both visually and internally.

IKEA Sonos Speaker Lamp Symfonisk Gets Updated

On the visual aspect, the updated Symfonisk lamp will be customizable, well, to a limited extend. The base and shade, which will be available in two color/material choices, will be sold separately. Thus affording the so-called customization.

The shade is available in textile or glass and in a choice of black or white. Not exactly a lot of choices there, but customization isn’t IKEA’s strongest suit. Another update is the socket, which is now E26/E27 as opposed to the previous E12, thus allowing it to fit a wider variety of bulbs.

IKEA Sonos Speaker Lamp Symfonisk Gets Updated

Last but not least, the speaker apparently has been updated with “wider and more room-filling sound.”

While the base and shade are now sold separately, the final price is similar to the previous generation which was sold for US$179. The base will sell for US$152 and the shade will be sold for US$24 and US$35 for the textile and the glass shade, respectively.

So, it actually works out to almost the same if you pick up the textile shade. The new IKEA Sonos Speaker Lamp Symfonisk will be available in the U.S. and EU markets starting on October 12.

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Image: IKEA.

via Yahoo! Finance.

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