A video doorbell from a reliable brand name does not come cheap. But that is about to change with Amazon Blink’s first video doorbell, the Blink Video Doorbell.

Amazon Blink Video Doorbell Announced

Starting at just US$49.99, Blink Video Doorbell brings to the table (or the door) two-way audio, HD video, and motion and chime app alerts, with the benefit of Amazon Alexa and two-year battery life.

On top of that, it offers the flexibility of installation in which you can choose the wired or wire-free route. Oh, did we mention that it can connect to and sound your existing in-home chime if so desire?

I think the best part about this new video doorbell is not just the price; it is also subscription-free. However, if you can afford it and want to, an optional Blink Subscription plan allows you to record, save, and share events.

Amazon Blink Video Doorbell Announced

If not, the device is cool with saving locally with zero fees with a Blink Sync Module and USB flash drive (not included).

I don’t believe it has an official IP rating, but Amazon said the Blink Video Doorbell will be able to weather the storm.

If you are in the market for a video doorbell that won’t break the bank, you may want to give this new kid in the video doorbell market some serious considerations.

The Amazon Blink Video Doorbell will be released on October 21, 2021. Meanwhile, you can pre-order a unit in the U.S. for the aforementioned starting price of US$49.99. A free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan is included with the purchase.

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