there are the trendy audiophiles and then there are classy audiophiles, and if you belongs to the latter (and being a wood lover might help too), we bet you will be digging the Meze 88 Classics Audiophile Headphones as much as we do. enclosed between each of its two handcrafted 88mm diameter earcup and comfy cushioned ear pads (wrapped in leather, no less) are 50mm neodymium drivers, which together with the real ebony wood, offers crisp, warm and natural sound that would satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles who also demands the same exacting standard in the looks department (see? now you know why some audiophiles have mirrors installed right above their hi-fi setup). an ergonomic headband made of polycarbonate with suspension padding take cares of the enduring wear comfort, while a detachable TPE cable lets you enjoy your high quality audio files from a myriad of sources output through a 3.5mm or 6.3mm audio headphone jack.

the cable, btw, has an obligatory gold-plated plug as standard, though it does away with microphone, which could be a downer for some smartphone users. however, we suspect, being a true blue audiophile, you probably wouldn’t care less. after all, who wants to be interrupted when you are totally immersed in the melodious and powerful sound of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor (especially at the point beginning from 2:38)? last but not least, it has a fold flat design, which allows for convenient storage in awesome travel cases like the recently launched BookBook Travel Journal from Twelve South. the Meze 88 Classics Audiophile Headphones can be yours to own for $309 a pair, available from Meze online store.

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Meze 88 Classics Audiophile Headphones

Meze Headphones via Gear Hungry

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