you how is it like when you travel with your iPad; there are always more to bring along than just the tablet. you will have necessary evils like power adapter, juice pack, earbuds, or headphones to deal with, and these nitty gritty stuff often turns out to be most challenging to handle. we stuff them in our bags, but we ended spending longer time figuring out where they were in the loaded bag then actually using them. with the Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal you will save yourself from the agonizing process; it stores virtually everything, including your iPad and the essential accessories, in one neat, and stylish vintage book-like package.

unzipping and opening up the BookBook Travel Journal reveals a series of pockets (including one soft lined compartment for iPad) and adjustable bands that allows you to neatly organize anything from the power adapter to USB drives to audio cans, and holding them securely, while the hardback book covers and rigid spine protects the content from the inevitable knocks and bumps during transit. though it is worthy to note that only headphones with fold-flat earcups such as the Bowers & Wilkins P5 and the Bose AE2i and QC15 models will be able to fit in there. foldable headphones are a no-go for this, unfortunately.

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the BookBook Travel Journal does all that while masquerading as a vintage book which, hopefully, will in someway, skip the eyes of potential thieves. however, in all honesty, we do find it odd if someone carries around a vintage book all day. won’t you? nevertheless, it is still an undeniably stylish way to lug along your iPad and the essential accessories. you can get yours today for $99.99 off Twelve South web store.

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