CASETiFY Star Wars Collection Will Please Fans Of The Original Trilogy

From the king of collaborative accessories is the upcoming CASETiFY Star Wars Collection. That’s right, folks. Star Wars IS coming to CASETiFY. I am not sure if this is the first but it is surely exciting news, especially for super fans of the original trilogy.

Sketchbook iPad Case II Will Turn Your iPad Pro 10.5 Into A Sketchbook

Here’s a super cool case for your Apple iPad Pro 10.5. No. I did not use the wrong picture. The images of ‘sketchbook’ you see here are actually an iPad case. I know right. It looks totally dope because, sketchbook. Made of PU leather (AKA faux leather), Sketchbook iPad Case II features real functional wire …

This Wirebound Sketchbook Is Actually An iPad Pro Case In Disguise

iPad Pro is a capable device and with its generous screen real estate, it is more than suitable to be used as a sketch pad. And if you are already utilizing it as such, then perhaps you may be interested in transforming it to look like a real sketchbook. If so, then Wirebound Sketchbook iPad …

HandyCase Will Turn Your iOS Device into a Transparent Gaming Device

If you think about it, Sony’s idea of a rear touchpad on its DualShock controller is actually pretty brilliant as it lets you use all your digits in gaming – something which we can’t do when playing games on our smartphone and tablet. But that was then. Now, a Mountain View-based startup, HandScape, wants to …

Adidas Originals Updates Mobile Device Accessory for iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Galaxy S5

German sporting goods giant Adidas has announced mobile device cases updated for the latest iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S5. Along with those, it is also rolling out cases for iPad Air, iPad mini, and 13- and 15-inch laptops. Naturally, you can expect the world famous three stripes branding, stitched on the cases, …

Chivote iPad Case & Stand: A Non-binding, Stylish Way To Keep And Use Your iPad

we have seen quite a lot iPad cases, but not a whole lot that’s crafted entirely out of leather that is also a stand like the iPad Leather Case & Stand by Chivote. the thing about most iPad cases is, they are usually ‘binding’, as in you need to clip the device into place to …

Nodus Access Case

wallet-style cases are not new and today’s slew of offerings does require your device to be clicked to a snap case-like contraption or worst, slide your device into a cumbersome leather ‘pocket’ which hinders access and difficult to remove, but with the Nodus Access Case

DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case

want an iPad case that will make your iPad feel right at home in the urban jungle as well as the great outdoor? then don’t let the DODOcase x Ball and Buck Camo iPad Case slip past you. the purveyor of all-things made in the USA, Ball and Buck has come together with San Francisco-based DODOcase to offer you a unique iPad case featuring signature Ball and Buck 6oz Camo exterior

Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal

you how is it like when you travel with your iPad; there are always more to bring along than just the tablet. you will have necessary evils like power adapter, juice pack, earbuds, or headphones to deal with, and these nitty gritty stuff often turns out to be most challenging to handle. we stuff them in our bags, but we ended spending longer time figuring out where they were