sudden collapsing of a propped up iPad is part and parcel of our iPad case usage life, but that don’t necessary have to be the case (pardon us for the pun, we just can’t help it) because there’s the Flux Flap iPad Case, a case which its creator boldly claim as the most flexible iPad case ever. you see, most cases out there that touts stand capability only offer two or three viewing angles and honestly, more than often can’t really hold their ground. with the Flux Flap iPad Case, it has rare earth magnets incorporated into a patent-pending magnetic track known as PositionPlus technology and it is this track where magic that other iPad case can’t do happens.

using this magnetic track, the removable protective cover, which doubles as stand to prop up your iPad, will have virtually unlimited angle of adjustment anywhere along the track, be it in landscape or portrait mode. so for the first time, you can actually adjust the viewing angle to the degree instead of by slots that is limited by the case. the real kicker here is, whichever position you set your Flux Flap iPad Case-equipped iPad, it will remain in that position until you adjust it again. and of course, this is also one rad looking case, else we wouldn’t have covered it. having said that, we think the Flux Flap iPad Case really hits the nail pretty hard on the head. it has got the look and it has the functionality that up till now, iPad users can only dream of.

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you can pre-order the Flux Flap iPad Case from Kickstarter for $59 and up, with estimated delivery to be in April 2014 and yes, newFlux does ship internationally. check out a pledge video below to learn more.

Flux Flap iPad Case

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