take advantage of your iPhone 5c‘s vibrant color and further spruce it up with TUMI PRISM iPhone 5c Case. like the Apple’s original case for iPhone 5c, the TUMI PRISM iPhone 5c Case adds another color to your handset, while still letting the original color of your 5c to shine through. the result is an awesome bi-color appearance with a touch elegance, thanks to the weaved pattern of the colored TUMI case. the top and bottom sections of the case are intentionally left clear with the center portion accented with a bright, textured leather inlay, and fitting the case to your iPhone 5c is just a snap, literally.

available in four sweet flavors: orange, yellow, dark green, as well as blue, for 45 bucks a pop. the TUMI PRISM iPhone 5c Case is a web exclusive TUMI iPhone accessory which you will not find in your regular brick-and-mortar stores, and coming from TUMI, 45 dollars really isn’t a bomb, which makes it a wonderful holiday gift. it was a love-at-first-sight for us, what about you? another look after the break to prove our point.

TUMI PRISM iPhone 5c Case

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