say you own multiple gadgets (which most people do these days) such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop and a desktop. up till now, there is no one solution to unify all your devices in to one place where it (the data) can be accessed as you move from devices to devices, well, at least until you manually put them in the cloud. this is where the Plug aims to fill in the void – unifying the storage of all your devices. do not mistaken the Plug for another DropBox or Network Attached Storage (NAS), for it is way more than that. the Plug wants to replace your entire filesystem of your computers where it will take on the task of managing all your files and share among your devices.

by its appearance, the Plug doesn’t look like much, but beyond it’s very petite form factor, it is designed to be connected to your Internet via Ethernet cable and can turn any external USB hard drives into a center, fast and private storage solution for all your devices. basically, it allows you to work on a PC and moved on to a Mac in another room or location and continues working on the exact same file without missing a beat. it is almost like magic. imagine the freedom to have all your files being shared among your devices without even having to manually sync them and able to access to them as and when you need them. that, folks, is what i call the future and we dare say, a dream for all multiple gadgets owners.

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to be fair, this concept is not new and it is in fact ongoing, but what we have today is far from easy to use and is limited by devices. in short, it is totally fragmented as each manufacturer try to out their own way of cloud computing or sharing solution. the Plug is here unifying our personal cloud and change the way how we share data across our devices and how we work and share our files with friends and fellow coworkers. it is most definitely an exciting development and you can be part of the Plug personal cloud experience by making a pledge to their crowdfunding endeavor on Kickstarter. for just $79 or more, you are well on your way to a more unified and synchronized life. btw, the dudes have well exceeded their initial funding goal within just 12 hours of launch. so you can be assured that this baby will be a reality. check out a pretty self-explanatory pitch video below to find out more.

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