This Smartpen Uses Real Ink and Paper, Lets You Digitized Your Writing In Real-time

stationery shop’s writing instrument section is a stark reminder that how we reliant we are on pen even in this digital age, which brings us to a wish that has been lingering in our minds: how nice it would be if the things we doodle or write gets digitized automatically. well, you and us can […]

Ubuntu Orange Box Lets You Lug Along A Cloud Whenever You Go

in an age where cloud has become part of our lives, it is only a matter of time that we start having a cloud in tow with us wherever we go. well, that is not to say that a cloud-in-a-box like the Ubuntu Orange Box will let you start a cloud right in the middle […]

MBLOK – Memory For All Devices

wireless storage that aims to unify all the files across multiple devices is not new and as consumers, we are spoilt for choice, however, if one) you rather have it in your pocket than your bag; two) loathe the idea of dealing with cables and; three) need to look good using it, then you should seriously check out…

Lenovo Beacon Personal Cloud Storage Device

we all know what personal cloud storage is and today’s context, it is a ‘place’ in your home where digital contents resides, so that the whole family can have access to it. this is where an aesthetic problem arises: it need to look good

Transporter Personal Cloud Device

with so many gadgets storing a myriad of different digital contents ranging from music files to photos to documents, it can be frustrating trying to access these contents from the various devices. luckily, there are solutions like the Transporter Personal Cloud Device which is designed

Plug – unifying the storage of all your devices

say you own multiple gadgets (which most people do these days) such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop and a desktop. up till now, there is no one solution to unify all your devices in to one place where it (the data) can be accessed as you move from devices to devices, well, at least until you manually put them in the cloud. this is where the Plug aims to fill in the void

LaCie CloudBox

do not mistaken this beautiful drive as a desktop hard drive cos’ it is more than that. the LaCie CloudBox is a piece of technology that’s going to bring your family together and thus, you folks, including extended family, will no longer feel fragmented or torn apart by your individual gadgets. the CloudBox is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) also referred to as your…

Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen

despite the technological advancements, some of us still can’t let go of the good’ol pens. the end result is, we have to scan whatever we have written on paper to turn them into digital copy for sharing and archiving. however, there’s a much smarter way to do it and that’s with the Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen. the concept is simple. just start writing with the Sky WiFi Smartpen like…

Motorola HMC3260 Cloud Computer

tired of the typical Mac or Windows-flavored computers? then lets hope that this Motorola HMC3260 Cloud Computer made specifically for WASU Digital Group, a China telecommunications service provider, becomes a commercial reality for the rest of the world. however, the HMC3260 is not a desktop computer per say but it is designed to allow WASU’s…