stationery shop’s writing instrument section is a stark reminder that how we reliant we are on pen even in this digital age, which brings us to a wish that has been lingering in our minds: how nice it would be if the things we doodle or write gets digitized automatically. well, you and us can stop wishing cos’ the Equil Smartpen 2 will lets us do just that. best of all, you can use the paper of your choice, be it your favorite Moleskine notebook or even a coffee-stained napkin from a cafe. such is the versatility Equil Smartpen 2 promised. the device comprises of two parts: the pen itself and a Bluetooth receiver, both contained in a sleek charging case with an Apple smart cover-like design. that, my friend, is the pencil case of the 21st century.

Equil Smartpen 2

the receiver uses a combination of infrared rays and ultrasonic waves to triangulate the position of the pen and it will continue do so, capturing your pen’s every move as long as it is within line of sight. as mentioned, you can use virtually any type of paper, but you do have to calibrate it with one of the two free apps, the Equil Note or Equil Sketch. the former is available on iOS, Mac OS, Android and Windows, while the latter only works for iOS, covering both iPhone and iPad. with the Sketch, your pen can fully realized its 600 levels of pressure sensitivity and also allowing you to choose from a collection of brushes and colors. it lets you import photos and add images as background, add shapes and lines, or notes, work in layers and execute most common photo editor functionality.

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Equil Smartpen 2

the Notes on the other hand, lets you enhance your notes with color, text, images and such, lets you navigate between pages and notebooks, add tags for easy searching, share notes, and import medias and maps. combining both the hardware and software, you have a pretty capable modern writing instrument that lets you have both the analog copy and a digitized one. gone were the days of scanning your works piece by piece. now, you can get the digital version in real-time, which that alone, is pretty awesome. you can pre-order the Equil Smartpen 2 over at Indiegogo for $99 and up, with shipment expected to commence as soon as October 2014.

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