Liternity Victory Carbon Series OLED Desk Lamps

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(photos: Business Wire/Liternity) Liternity Victory Carbon Series OLED Desk Lamp | US$tba |

the days of exclusive use of carbon fiber for automotive industry is coming to an end. it seems like carbon fiber is infiltrating our everyday lives, including bathtub, shoes, wallets and now, desk lamps. introducing the Liternity Victory Carbon Series desk lamp. as the name suggest, it is a desk lamp crafted solely out of carbon fiber and complementing this cutting-edge material is the embedded ultra-thin OLED (organic light emitting diode). the Victory desk lamp sports a “V for victory” design that has two ‘arms’ with two OLEDs on each, stretching over the surface to offer a “diffuse light over the entire surface.” though no specific where given on the wattage of the OLEDs. each Victory lamp is individually handmade and due to the unique nature of the carbon fiber, no two lamps will be alike.
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Liternity is part of Germany-based Novaled AG, an OLED specialist, that’s responsible for turning out new series of limited edition luxury design lamps. the Liternity Victory Clear Lacquer OLED Desk Lamp comes in a choice of colors that includes clear lacquer, deep black, racing red, cashmere white, lime green and apple red, and is available via selected retailers in Europe, the U.S.A. and U.A.E. this month. though no indication on the price or prices will be like. however, it takes little to imagine what the price would be like when terms like ‘handmade’, ‘carbon fiber’ and ‘limited edition’ are used in association with an exquisite product. though, i shall not speculate its possibly cool price tag. check out a gallery of this cool desk lamp after the break.

SOURCE: Business Wire
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