When we were young we were taught that rough handling of any regular lead pencil will result in the lead inside to be broken. With this in mind, you probably wouldn’t throw it like a dice, or perhaps, wouldn’t even roll it. Or maybe you will be compelled to do so if you have the Pencil Dice by Sebastian Bergne. Pencil Dice is essentially a regular six-sided pencil. You know. The hexagonal cross-section pencil made of soft wood that has a long stick of lead embedded in its core?

Pencil Dice by Sebastian Bergne

Yeah, that. But the difference is, it has dots on each side, so you can roll it on your desk to, well, use it as a dice. I don’t know why would anyone need a dice functionality on a traditional pencil, but it exists alright. It is definitely a dice that you won’t want to throw and also, you will need quite a stretch of space if you are expecting for a real fair roll, if you know what I mean. It cost 2.50 English pounds (about US$3.30) each. So, it is not cheap and makes you wonder out loud “why”.

Anywho, if it appeals to you, you can drop the money for however many you want, or you could save yourself some money by grabbing your existing stash of pencils (if you still have ’em) and just add dots on them. That will work too. In case you are wondering, the Pencil Dice was introduced back in 2008 and it is designed and made by Sebastian Bergne Ltd.

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Pencil Dice by Sebastian Bergne

Images: Sebastian Bergne.

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