23-Foot Python Swallowed Woman Whole

When you stepped into your garden, you probably didn’t think much of any danger except for some occasional bug bites, but as it turns, in Indonesia, gardening could be deadly business because, python. Obviously, python poses less threat then, say, poisonous reptiles. Still, if the slithering reptile is huge enough and you happen to be on its path while its stomach is growling, then it could be the last thing you ever see. Sadly, a python was exactly the last thing a lady on Muna island, Southwest Sulawesi province of Indonesia, saw.

The 54-year-old lady by the name of Wa Tiba failed to return the next day after a trip to her vegetable garden, which is about half a mile (one kilometer) from her home. Worried, her family set out to look for her at the garden, but all they found was her belongs, including sandals and a flashlight. Fearing the worst, the family and villagers launched a search and that was when they stumbled upon a 23-foot reticulated python with a bloated belly about 160 feet (50 meters) from where her belongings were found. Snakes like python usually lay dormant and pretty much defenseless after a heavy meal, thus presenting an opportunity for the villagers to capture it.

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Seeing the massive belly of the python, the villagers suspect that Wa Tiba might have become the reptile’s meal. They killed the snake and hauled it back to the village where they proceed to slice open its belly. To everyone’s horror, Wa Tiba’s body was indeed inside. Amazingly, the victim’s body was yet to be digested. Even her clothes were intact. However, she was already lifeless. Unfortunately for Wa Tiba, reticulated python is a constrictor and constrictor, as the name implies, kills its prey by squeezing the life out it. So, Wa Tiba was probably dead before she was swallowed.

Pythons attack on humans are few and far between, however, this was the second python attack on human in Indonesia. The unfortunate attack happened March last year when a 25-year-old man was swallowed whole in West Sulawesi province. Yikes. Remind me not to step into the woods if I ever find myself in Sulawesi province, southwest or not.

Below is a video of villagers cutting up the snake. Be warned, though, it is a video not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

Image: YouTube.

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