Jordanluca Pee-stained Denim Jeans from FW2023

You haven’t heard of the designer brand Jordanluca from the British-Italian duo, Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, have you? Not going to lie. I have never too. But I guarantee you remember this label starting with this article because of two words: pee-stained denim. That’s right, my friends. If you think mud-coated jeans, or a pair of denim that looked like it had been rubbed on a grass patch is crazy, well, think again.

Jordanluca Pee-stained Denim Jeans from FW2023

Debuted as part of the label’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection during the Milan Fashion Week in early 2023, this pair of head-turning denim’s highlight is the stonewash stain on the crotch that appears to be stained by pee. I don’t know who desires the pee-stained look but hey, fetishes, am I right? At least, anyone who has a fetish for pee-stained jeans will not have put up with the pungent ammonia smell. Oh, wait. Perhaps that’s what certain pee-stained connoisseurs wanted? No…

As far as the soiled denim goes, it has a slim taper design and a discolored wash with darkened pee stains on the crotch area. It is a hit, alright. It is reportedly sold out on both and other platforms but where stockists still have stock, expect it to run you back at £635 (or US$769 based on today’s going rate) – that’s if you want a pair.

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Images: Jordanluca.