Gucci Eco Washed Organic Denim Pant

After having seen jeans torn by lions and Nordstrom’s mud-coated jeans, nothing is too shocking. Still, Gucci Eco Washed Organic Denim Pant is worthy of a mention because, it is a pricey design goods with a stained look.

Gucci Eco Washed Organic Denim Pant has a subtle grass-stained look to it. Gucci did not specifically claimed that it is grass-stained, but it sure looks like this pair of jeans had did some hard rubbing against a grass patch.

Obviously, nothing of such happened in the making of this designer denim. Instead, the organic cotton was specifically treated to achieve the stained-like, distress effect. Distress, torn and stained jeans are not new at all, but this one takes the cake because, you’d be paying 600 quid (about US$772) for a “dirtied” pair of jeans.

I know right. It’s just bonkers. Though I must say I do dig the vintage logo label around the back. In any case, I can never imagine myself shelling out hundreds of quid for a pair of jeans, let alone for a pair that looks, you know, “dirty”.

But for those who love the look, but rather not drop that kind of money, I think you will be able to achieve the same effect by rubbing a bunch of grass on your Levi’s. The downside is, it won’t last, but hey, you will one up Gucci at its game because, your fresh grass-rubbed pair of denim jeans will come with natural aroma of grass.

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This is not the first time Gucci tried to sell you “dirtied” fashion. It has done so as far back as 2017 when it had models catwalk down the runaway on a pair of US$1,250 Dirty White Sneakers. Now that we have said that, the Gucci Eco Washed Organic Denim Pant sure does feel a little tame in the area of stains.

Images: Gucci.

Source: Luxury Launches.