Google Chromecast with Google TV

I’d be amazed if you find today’s home entertainment not enough to make stay glued to the TV all day. However, if you do felt so, the new Google Chromecast with Google TV will make you will never feel that way ever.

Not that the market is lacking of such streaming media player. Amazon has Fire TV Stick, so does Roku with its Roku Stick, and even Xiaomi. But what makes the new Chromecast with Google TV stand out is, well, the new Google TV.

Google TV is basically an aggregator of sort for all movies, shows, live TV and more from all of your apps and subscriptions. It organizes them in such a way that you can easily find what to watch and if you still can’t find anything, you can always as Google Assistant to recommend you.

Speaking of Google Assistant, the new Chromecast now comes with a voice remote with a dedicated Google Assistant button to help you find something to watch, answer everyday questions, and more.

Google TV wants to be the center of your life when you glued to your TV and the Chromecast is the instrument to help it achieve that.

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With it, you can control your smart home lights, or even check your front door with Nest Camera. Back to the remote… it also touts dedicated buttons for quick access to today’s popular streaming services, YouTube and Netflix, and watching them at resolution as high as 4K HDR at up to 60 fps and with the benefit of Dolby Vision. Plus, it also supports HDMI pass-through of Dolby audio content too.

As a boon, it can be programmed to control your TV’s power, volume and input, so you need not to deal with multiple remotes. Couch potatoes will certainly be pleased with this new Chromecast with Google TV and if you are one, you can pick it up today on today for US$49.99, or US$89.99 with Netflix bundle.

Image: Google.