Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite Streaming Media Player

Streaming media player is one of the best thing to happen in home entertainment. However, if you prefer not to have yet another set top box filling up the TV console, a stick streaming media player is the way to go.

Speaking stick streaming media player, Amazon has 2 new Fire TV Sticks for you: Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020) and the new Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020) & Fire TV Stick Lite
Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote (L); Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite (R)

First, the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020). It now touts 50 percent more power – courtesy of an “enhanced” 1.7 GHz quadcore processor. Plus, it now delivers FHD pictures at 60 fps with HDR support and Dolby Atmos.

Other noteworthy mentions include dual-band, dual-antenna WiFi, supports 5 GHz networks, and of course, a neat Alexa Voice Remote with dedicated power, volume, and mute buttons for control of compatible with TVs, sounders, and A/V receivers.

Then, there’s the new Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite, the cheapest Fire TV model ever. It is a super affordable Full HD streaming stick that is also powered by the 50 percent more powerful 1.7 GHz quadcore processor and it even has HDR support.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite Streaming Media Player
Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

It further supports HDMI pass-through for Dolby Atmos and comes with Alexa Voice Remote. It does not support TV controls, however.

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I think the main difference is in the Dolby Atmos and TV controls. Otherwise, the distinction between the two is really quite insignificant. Both devices have 8 GB of onboard storage and offers the same all-new Fire TV UI.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020) and new Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite will sell for US$39.99 and US$29.99, respectively when they drop on September 30. If anyone’s interested, you can pre-order both devices now on

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020)
Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020)

All images courtesy of Amazon.