You already knew there are going to have a few iPhone X coming along. Now, have a look at the the luxe up versions even before the real-deal are announced at the September 12 event. Yes, already! Not surprisingly, Brikk is the one way ahead of the game once again. The maestro of luxe makeover for gadgets has get ahead of Apple, showing a couple of gorgeous luxury versions of the upcoming iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus.

Brikk Lux iPhone Xs Carbon and Xs Plus Carbon

The company calls the duo Lux iPhone Xs Carbon and Lux iPhone Xs Plus Carbon. Expected opulent features like space-grade forged vacuum carbon, a choice of 24K gold or Black Rhodium coating on the main body, and 18K solid gold logos – in addition the the phone features like 512 GB of onboard storage and dual SIM support on the Lux iPhone Xs Plus model. Those are the limited tidbits we have on these two new luxury iPhones for now.

Richie rich who demands absolute individuality and opulence when it comes to Apple’s smartphone will have to prepare to drop princely sums for these two devices. Expect to shell out no less than $14,995 for the Lux iPhone Xs Carbon and at least $17,995 for the Lux iPhone Xs Plus Carbon.

Here’s another look at the lux iPhone:

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Brikk Lux iPhone Xs Carbon and Xs Plus Carbon

All images courtesy of Brikk.

A huge shout out to Cyrus Blacksmith for sending this hat tip our way. Much appreciated!

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