Brikk Wants To Bedazzle Gamers With This Luxe DualShock 4 Controller

Well, this is one DualShock 4 controller I imagine Admiral General Aladeen would love to have if he had a Playstation 4 instead of Wii. Anyways, before you here is a super luxe DualShock 4 Controller from the gadget customizer with the Midas touch, Brikk. Aptly called Lux DualShock 4 Controller, this ultimate in gaming […]

Brikk Unveiled A Range Of Super Luxe iPhone XS and XS Max

Remember the Carbon edition iPhone Xs and Xs Plus from Brikk we saw days ahead of Apple’s announcement? Well, the purveyor of opulent gadget, Brikk, now a whole range of luxe up 2018 iPhones for Scrooge McDuckians to choose from and also, we have their respective pricing too. Well, not that richie rich would be […]

Brikk Show Off New Luxe 2018 iPhone Ahead Of The Official Launch

You already knew there are going to have a few iPhone X coming along. Now, have a look at the the luxe up versions even before the real-deal are announced at the September 12 event. Yes, already! Not surprisingly, Brikk is the one way ahead of the game once again. The maestro of luxe makeover […]

Brikk Takes Aim At Newly Wedded With Lux iPhone X Union Kit Gift Set

What do very rich friends gift their very rich friends when they wed? I don’t know. Gold? Or diamonds, maybe? Well, I supposed those will do. However, if you desire something a little less mundane (in rich person’s terms, that is) without sacrificing the luxe factor that will make you look like a penny-pincher, Brikk […]

Brikk Announced Luxe iPhone X Ahead Of Apple’s Official Launch

Brikk, the purveyor of luxury gadgets, has launched premium version of iPhone X ahead of the device’s official announcement on September 12. The official words from Brikk landed in our inbox a few hours ago, indicating a selection of luxe iPhone X will be available for your taking. We suspect the iPhone X will be […]

Brikk Coats Apple AirPods In Gold But It Won’t Take Away The Awkwardness

If you have been following this blog, you will know how appalled I felt about the Apple AirPods. If you have not heard it, I will say it again: it is hideous. I make no apologies about my brutal honest view. I am merely stating the fact. I have seen people wearing it and god, […]

Apparently, These Are New “Confirmed” Updates And Images Of iPhone 8

So, when it comes to “leaked” info of Apple’s new smartphone, I guess that company that does the bling to iPhone, Brikk, should know the best. So far, Brikk has not been proven wrong. Following the company’s teasing of the new range of luxe, yet-to-be-announced iPhone 8, Brikk has pushed out an email saying it […]

Brikk Touts Luxe iPhone 8 Devices Even Before Official Announcement

The fate of the so-called iPhone 8 remains unclear. So far, what I have read is contradicting to say the least. One source cited possible delay due to material shortage and another said on contrary to rumor, it will be on time. Hell, no one can even confirm if it will be called iPhone 8 […]

Brikk Marks Chinese New Year In China With 3 Carats Diamonds Headphones

Brikk is one of purveyor of opulent tech and while we are accustomed to the luxed gadgets (and non-gadgets) it has to offer thus far, nothing has quite prepared us for this: a pair of headphones coated in gold and handset with no less 200 colorless diamonds, totalling 3 carats. Now, a pair of audio […]

Luxury iPhone Dock Is Here Because It Matches Your $8,000 iPhone

What’s the point of an iPhone coated in luxurious precious metal when the dock that it sits on is not as opulent? Well, it looks like gadgets seller Brikk, who is renowned for giving iPhone luxury touches, understand this void and decided to turn out matching Lux iPhone Dock, coated in genuine luxury finishes, of […]