Brikk is one of purveyor of opulent tech and while we are accustomed to the luxed gadgets (and non-gadgets) it has to offer thus far, nothing has quite prepared us for this: a pair of headphones coated in gold and handset with no less 200 colorless diamonds, totalling 3 carats. Now, a pair of audio cans with that sort of bling is probably no big deal. Hell, it could even be deemed tame when compared to the real estate headphones has to offer, but the headphones we are talking about here ain’t no audio cans; it is a pair of in-ear headphones. That’s right. Earphones it is and that pretty much makes Lux Listen HD Headphones, as it is called, a sight to behold.

This pair of in-ear monitors features machined cases that are coated in glorious 24k gold and with 200 diamonds almost covering the entire casing of the earbuds, it kind of makes your girlfriend’s 10 diamonds-studded earrings pale in comparison. But Lux Listen HD Headphones isn’t just about material opulence; it is no slouch under the hood too, boasting six digitally calibrated hybrid speakers comprising of custom made dynamic driver and specially balanced armature driver that offers “enhanced and extremely deep low ranges, fully extended high sounds, and perfectly balanced and energetic midrange,” thus making it worthy of any opulent audiophile on-the-go.

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Additionally, Lux Listen HD Headphones touts “specialized in-ear fit” that is said to afford 25dB reduction of ambient noise. Each pair of Lux Listen HD Headphones comes with four sets of ear tips of varying sizes, a waterproof protective case, built-in microphone, plus a choice of 3.5mm connector or Lightning connector. Cyrus Blacksmith, founder and CEO of Brikk will be unveiling this opulent in-ear headphones at an exclusive private showings in Hong Kong on the 111th floor of the Ritz Carlton HK from January 21-23, 2017. The showing will also be held at 88th floor of the St. Regis Hotel Shenzhen from January 24 to 26, as well as on the 88th floor of the Park Hyatt Shanghai between January 27 and 29, 2017. During this time, Cyrus will also be showcasing other bespoke Brikk products just so you know your trip to view this holy grail of in-ear headphones will be totally worthwhile.

As for the Lux Listen HD Headphones availability, it will be available till January 29, 2017 from Brikk Lounges in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. It will also be available on Brikk online, Amazon, Taobao and the various Brikk Stores and authorized resellers. Pricing is still under the wrap at this point, but we should soon enough.

Image courtesy of Brikk.

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