Buying TV is as easy as abc, but buying the right size is, surprisingly, a daunting task. Why? Because, it is hard to visualize if the desired size will fit your TV console, or worst, swallow up the tiny feature wall in your living. You can use a tape measure to do a bit of ‘calculated guesstimate’, but a tape measure can be part of the problem too because, we don’t freaking know the size of TV from the given diagonal dimension commonly used to denote TV sizes. There ought to be a better way right? Well, actually there is and it is surprisingly low-tech – very, very low-tech.

Called TV Sizer, this paper-based solution of TV sizing is developed by a couple who faced the same problem every TV buyer faces and it is a solution so simple that it just works. As mentioned, there’s absolutely nothing high-tech about TV Sizer. All you need to do is to print out a few pages, assemble them together using the trusty tape (preferably transparent, I presume) and voila! You got yourself a handy template (ok, may be not literally handy) that lets you hold up and visualize how a 32 inch or even the ridiculous 70-inch flat screen will fit in at the intended area.

Creators Rich and Anum thought it might be a solution you would like to buy for just $2.49. Yes. We are not even kidding. The duo will gladly sell you the template for the said sum, which is really not that much. However, you could also choose to draw up your very own on a piece of huge ass paper (A0 or larger), but why would you when a solution conveniently presents itself to you? We are not affiliate to TV Sizer, if that’s what you are thinking. We just thought it is fun to know this thing exists and who knows, it might interest some of you.

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Image: TV Sizer/Rich and Anum.

TV Sizer via The Gadgeteer.

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