Here’s A Super Stylish Accessory For Your Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaner does come with a bracket to charge and hold the vacuum cleaner, but mounting on the wall is mandatory if you want a neater look. However, if you rather not have yet another fixture on the wall, then this Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Stand may be the answer.

Native Union Drop XL Wireless Charger Watch Edition: A De-cluttering Solution For Apple Users

If you are a staunch Apple supporter, chances are, you will have the latest iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. And if so, you will love this the Native Union Drop XL Wireless Charger (Watch Edition).

Samsung Partners Kvadrat For Smartphone Case And Watch Band Made From Upcycled Material

It looks like having different System on Chip on the same phone for different regions is not the odd thing Samsung did. Recently, the South Korea handset maker has announced a partnership with Danish textile brand Kvadrat to create a line of “eco-friendly accessory.” And guess what?

This New Kind Of Watch Band Will Make The Words “Wrist Watch” Irrelevant

There must be a reason why a watch is worn on the wrist. Then again, time (pun not intended) has change and so has technology and how we use a watch. Never mind if you don’t agree because, a Canadian outfit has already conceived an appropriate to modern people’s way of using a watch called […]

These Wheels Cost $400 And They Are Not Even For Automobiles Or Motorcycles

If you have already heard, a fully load out brand new Apple Mac Pro costs over $50,000. You heard it that right. A freaking personal computer costs five-figure! Such is the time we are living in and btw, that 50K price tag also includes the cheese grater PC case with wheels that cost a cool […]

Airband Is An Apple Watch Band That Holds Your Apple AirPods, Ermm, So You Won’t Lose Them?

Since the introduction of Apple AirPods, the third-party market has came up with a quite a number of ideas how not to lose them. It ranges from luxury miniature suitcase to minimalistic keychain to wearing them as earrings.

Here’s How To Make A Google Home Mini Cute? Dressed It Up Like A Cat, Obviously

This is Caat. A fun accessory for Google Home Mini that turns an otherwise cold gadget into an adorable pet friend. Specifically, a kitty cat. Like, do we need to say more? Well, I guess as much. It is just too adorable.

Rugged Case For Apple AirPods Is Not Necessary, But If It Looks This Dope, Why Not?

Unlike iPhones, Apple AirPods Pro (or just AirPods) does not call for a rugged protection, but hey, if it is a thing and looks downright dope, why the hell not, right? Such is what Urban Armor Gear Case for Apple AirPod is.

Fans Of Nintendo, You Will Want To Check Out This GameBoy-inspired AirPods Case

Here’s your chance to grab a Hypecases GameBoy AirPods Case. If you like want you see (we sure do!) and want one, you’d better act it fast. Like, really, really fast. Because this grey version you see here is the last of its kind. Last checked, other colors in the series were promptly snapped up.