You Can Masquerade Your Echo Dot As The Mandalorian Helmet With This 3D Printed Stand

There is a reason why Echo Dot is so small and flat. It is meant to be less of an eyesore and space-saving. But if you are such a big fan of Star Wars, specifically, The Mandalorian, you probably don’t mind if your Echo Dot looking like the The Mandalorian’s helmet.

Necessary Unnecessary Inventions: The Hook Shot And MagSafe Sanitizer

Matty Benedetto, the man behind Unnecessary Inventions, is back with a couple of, well, Unnecessary Inventions. I think Matty is being humble. Many of his inventions, including the modesty curtain for eating, are not quite unnecessary. They just look weird if they were really put into use.

This Screen Protector Has An Image That You Can Only See When The Phone’s Screen Is Off

You can personalized your phone with cases or skins. And those are pretty much it. But soon, you will be able to personalized the front, i.e. the screen, too. We are not talking about wallpaper or fancy Always On images. We are talking screen protector. Wait. Isn’t screen protector just a piece of glass? Well, […]

In Case You Missed It… CASETiFY x Stranger Things Collection Is Still Available

For a person who has faithfully watched and re-watched all three seasons of Stranger Things, it is unforgivable that I never picked up this story when the CASETiFY x Stranger Things Collection dropped on Stranger Things Day on November 6, 2020.

This Accessory Will Keep Your Apple AirPods From Falling Out Of Your Ears

Anyone having issue with Apple AirPods falling out of the ears need the Elago Ear Hook for Apple AirPods. As the product name suggest, this product adds ear hook to your Apple AirPods, thus preventing them from doing the dive during vigorous activities.

Elago Charging Stands For MagSafe: Turn MagSafe Into Convenient Stands

Apple’s introduction of the new MagSafe found on the iPhone 12 felt like a déjà vu. How so? Well, just look at the new Charging Stands for MagSafe from Elago. These stands share the same concept as the many Apple Watch stands in the market – particularly, those from Elago.

NBA x CASETiFY Collection Includes A US$1,000 18K Gold-plated iPhone Case

Continuing with the string collaborations that includes Pokemon, NASA, The Kraft Heinz Company, Hello Kitty – just to name a few, the gadget accessories maker, CASETiFY, is back with yet another collaboration, this time with the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Elago T4 Apple TV Case Will Make Your Apple TV Look Like A Classic Video Game Console

There is really no need to put a case on the Apple TV. You won’t bring it on the road anyways, plus the little black box is pretty sleek to be left as is. However, if you must, there is actually cases for it.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Works As A One-click Button For Your IoT Devices Too

Always find yourself misplacing stuff? Fret not because, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is here to help you to locate what have been misplaced. Bluetooth-powered tags have been around for many years now – so is the associated service of helping you to locating your things that have been tagged. However, Galaxy SmartTag is a tad different.