The iFlash Pro Max: Finally, An Actual Unnecessary Invention!

I have been following the inventor of unnecessary things Matty Benedetto aka Unnecessary Inventions for almost 5 years now, and I have witnessed unnecessary inventions become, well, necessary inventions. Well, that’s until recently when Matty finally came up with the one true unnecessary invention.

The Lord Of The Rings Mordor Keycap Holder Lets You Display Your Favorite LOTR Keycap, MORDOR-style

Computer hardware personalization has gone beyond cool PC cases with dazzling lighting, keyboards with custom keycaps, and desk-size graphic mouse pads. It has gone, well, decorative. It has evolved to display the ware when not in use. It is not only about displaying your favorite keyboard like collectibles and toys; you can now display your …

One Less Thing To Bring: Watch Band With Magnetic Wireless Charger For Apple Watch

I stumbled upon this product on Amazon when I was searching for an on-the-go charging solution for my Apple Watch Ultra because of a silly blunder. Anyhoo, I noticed that there are a myriad of portable chargers for Apple Watch, some with built-in power banks even but all of them have one thing in common: …

Clicks Keyboard Case: The Return Of A Physical Keyboard For iPhone

It’s 2024 but there is a company on a mission to convince us that we need a physical keyboard for our smartphones. The company is called Clicks Technology Ltd – cofounded by tech reviewer MrMobile aka Michael Fisher – and it has a keyboard case for iPhones called Clicks to sell you.

Bang & Olufsen Teams Up With MonoNeon for Art Of A9 Cover For Beosound A9 Speaker

Bang & Olufsen collaborates with Grammy-winning bassist MonoNeon, unveiling a limited-edition Art of Cover for Beosound A9 speaker. This unique edition cover celebrates the blend of art and music, featuring vibrant colors and patterns inspired by MonoNeon’s distinctive style and vision of “chords on canvas.”

Twelve South Time Porter Apple Watch Band Organizer: A Quick Review

There are several solutions for Apple Watch users who have one too many watch bands. One of the solutions is obvious: dumping every band that you have in a container. But if you want to be more organized and also want to show off your expensive collection of Apple Watch bands, Twelve South Time Porter …

The 6 Tools Needed To Host Your Professional Podcast

So, you’ve got something to say, and you’re considering diving into the exciting world of podcasting? Awesome choice. There’s never been a better time to start, with content so readily consumed on a multitude of platforms. Today, podcasts are proving increasingly popular, providing a peek behind the curtain into all manner of industries.

This Nifty Device Will Block Amazon From Spying On You If You Don’t Want It To

When you buy an Amazon Echo, you’d be prepared to be eavesdropped. It is more powerful than a smartphone listening to you. It apparently hears everything in your home, 24/7, and then archives what it learned on Amazon’s cloud storage. So, yeah, if you have an Echo device, you are in a full-time consumer focus …

dbrand x JerryRigEverything X-Ray Skins And Cases Offer A New Perspective Of Your Gadget

We heard dbrand collaborative skins and cases with JerryRigEverything aka Zack Nelson was ripped off by a big name. But who cares about Tear Down skin right? I mean it is so yesterday. Besides, you can only see this much with Tear Down skins and cases. If really want to dig deeper, you need to …

8 Must-Have iPhone Accessories You Need In 2023

In this rapidly evolving digital world, iPhones have become necessary tools that serve many functions. To maximize the utility and enjoyment of your iPhone in 2023, it’s crucial to consider the right accessories. This article explores the top eight must-have iPhone accessories to enhance your phone experience.