IKEA SJÖSS 30W and 45W USB Chargers

IKEA is now more than just a furniture maker. These days, the Swedish flat-pack furniture company covers every aspect of your home, from smart home devices and home appliances to gadgets like wireless speakers and more. While the Swedish company is no stranger to selling USB accessories, such as USB chargers, it has only recently embraced chargers that support fast charging with the IKEA SJÖSS USB chargers.

IKEA SJÖSS 30W and 45W USB Chargers

There are two models: a 45W 2-port USB-C charger, and a 30W 1-port USB-C charger. Both chargers support all the latest fast charging protocols, including Power Delivery (PD 3.0), Quick Charge (QC4+), and Programmable Power Supply (PPS), making them compatible with your latest gadgets. However, it’s worth noting that in the dual-port model, if both ports are used simultaneously, each port will only output 22W. Also, it has been reported that the 2-port IKEA SJÖSS model delivers only 3A. 

But perhaps the most surprising aspect of these new IKEA SJÖSS USB Chargers is their affordability. The 30W 1-port USB-C charger is priced at US$7.99, while the 45W 2-port USB-C charger is available for US$14.99. With such competitive pricing, there’s no reason to opt for chargers from less reliable brands.

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Plus, I think designer Mehmet Mehmetalioglu has done an excellent job with their design. These chargers are both minimalist and sleek. Personally, I think the single-port model looks like what an Apple USB charger might resemble if iPhones came with a USB charger again. The rounded form with a concave face in a subtle contrasting color adds sophistication to these USB chargers.

IKEA SJÖSS 30W and 45W USB Chargers

Images: IKEA.

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