IKEA STARKVIND Smart Air Purifier

Want fresher air in the house? Well, you could move to the country, or you could get yourself an air purifier that takes up space in your room. Thankfully, for the space-conscious, there are two-in-ones, such as air-purifying fan from Dyson, or IKEA air-purifying curtains, or this: IKEA STARKVIND Smart Air Purifier.

IKEA STARKVIND Smart Air Purifier

After introducing its first air purifier for small spaces, the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant recently revealed its first ‘smart air purifier’ that is cleverly integrated into a small side table.

Designed for room size up to 20 m2 (215 square feet), the IKEA STARKVIND [SE] smart air purifier can be used on its own or connect to the TRÅDFRI gateway that allows it to be controlled and scheduled via the IKEA Home smart app.

IKEA STARKVIND Smart Air Purifier

As far as features and functions are concerned, the IKEA STARKVIND Smart Air Purifier offers five fan speeds, an auto-mode, built-in air quality sensor, and a 3-stage filtration system that comprises a pre-filter to capture big particles like hair and dust, the main filter that removes up to 99.5% PM2.5 particles, and a filter that scribes the air of gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and other VOCs. The latter also helps to reduce odors resulting from smoking and cooking.

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IKEA STARKVIND Smart Air is also available as a floor-standalone model too, in case you already have a side table and rather not have another one.

The price is not disclosed yet, but we do know that it will arrive at IKEA stores and online in October 2021.

Images: IKEA [SE].

via Engadget.