Back in 2018, IKEA conducted a Clean Air Survey that revealed that air pollution in homes is something to be overlooked. Armed with the desire to make clean air a non-luxury, the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant set out to develop FÖRNUFTIG.

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier Announced

FÖRNUFTIG is an affordable air purifier designed with small spaces of about 10 square meters (108 square foot) in mind and boasts a 3-stage air purification process.

FÖRNUFTIG air purifier features a pre-filter for removing big particles such as hair (!??) and dust, a filter for removing smaller airborne particles like dust and pollen down to PM2.5 and a filter for gas cleaning that purifies the air from various gaseous pollutants such as VOC’s and formaldehyde, and reduces unpleasant odors like those from smoking and cooking.

The device is said to be easy to use too. There’s only a dial which serves both as a power on dial and adjustment of the fan speed.

FÖRNUFTIG is designed to be have a low running cost and as such, the device consumes 2.5W-19W of power and the filters will be affordable too. However, it is not clear how affordable is affordable.

IKEA FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier will launch in China November, with the rest of IKEA markets to follow starting in February 2021.

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Images: IKEA.

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