What we love about NOVA Drone by Beagle Drones is, it is nothing like the typical imaging drones offered by the likes of Autel, DJI, and Zero Zero. In other words, it is not narcissistic drone; it is a cinematic FPV drone designed with aspiring filmmakers and creators in mind.

NOVA Cinematic FPV Drone by Beagle Drones

Cinematic drones are not new, but the NOVA is nothing like those. It has no DSLR or any external camera dangling under it. In fact, it is compact and lightweight. And it weighing in at just 248g (8.74 oz.), it does not have to be registered with FAA or requires a drone license.

NOVA is ready-to-fly and film out-of-the-box. It comes outfitted with an Ultra HD camera that does 4K 60/30 fps and 1080p at 120/60/30 fps videoing, and records onto a microSD card using the SD card slot.

NOVA Cinematic FPV Drone by Beagle Drones

It is a FPV and so, it does records in 4K video while simultaneously transmit a live video feed to the FPV goggles. The latter features Beagle Drones’ Dynamic Heads-up Display for a quick look at the drone status and supports a flight range of up to 3,200 feet (975 meters).

NOVA’s sleek cyberpunk shell is constructed from space-grade carbon-x material and features enclosed propellers, so you can maneuver through narrow spaces while putting properties and living things at risks.

NOVA Cinematic FPV Drone by Beagle Drones

Other noteworthy mentions including a water resistant and robust built, flight stability assist, dynamic power adjustment, and it comes with two batteries, each offering 7 minutes of flight time. The battery can be recharged from zero to full in just 15 minutes.

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NOVA Cinematic FPV Drone can be had for US$459 or more via Kickstarter, or just US$369 without the FPV goggles. Delivery is expected to happen sometime starting in January 2021. And yes, the campaign is funded. Over 450% funded, in fact. And oh, it can do this too:

NOVA Cinematic FPV Drone by Beagle Drones

But be warned, adding a second camera like GoPro as pictured will increase the weight of the drone and thus, it may affect the flight time and kick the weight above 250g which may require it to be registered with FAA.

All images courtesy of Beagle Drones.

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