When the Xbox Series X was revealed, its long black monolith form quickly became a meme by the virtue of it looking like a black refrigerator. Fast forward a few months later, with the imminent arrival of the hardware, Xbox has turned the meme into a reality. It has made a Xbox Series X Fridge… and a Xbox Series 1 cake. More on the cake in a bit.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Fridge Revealed

In a reveal video posted late last month, the Xbox Series X Fridge was shown to come package in a giant version of the console’s packaging. And the hardware itself is the exact replica of the soon-to-be-available next-gen video game console, only very much larger.

The fridge, which comes complete with the “latest next-gen cooling technology and inspired by one of the Internet’s favorite console memes,” stands over 6 feet (1.82 meters) tall and weight in at 400 lbs (181 kg).

Microsoft Xbox Series X Fridge Revealed

The resemblance with the console is uncanny. It features light up Xbox icon on the front and the disc drive slot that is actually a slot to open the fridge door. Upon opening the fridge door, it will trigger the new Xbox boot animation sound and reveal a glowing green interior.

Even the top wasn’t spared of the details; it has the same ventilation design as the console, complete with green glow. Xbox said additional features include “True 4K Eating, Cold Delivery, and Luxury Quiet Design.”

Microsoft Xbox Series X Fridge Revealed

Apparently, only 3 units are made. One was delivered to rapper Snoop Dogg, along with the Xbox Series 1 cake, for the man’s birthday. One unit was sent for an unboxing and review by YouTube personality and tech junkie, iJustine, and the last unit is reserved as a sweepstake prize.

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Continue reading to find the said reveal video.

Images: YouTube (Xbox).

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