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The VW Bus Lives Again! But Now It Will Park In Your Kitchen As A Refrigerator

We have heard Volkswagen is rebooting the iconic VW Bus and if I ask me, I’d say the news come as both yay and nay. Yay because the microbus is coming back and nay because it will never be as cool as the iconic ride (cue The Doors’ Light My Fire). I guess somethings are best left in the era where it belongs. However emotionally tied we are to certain objects, we have to move on somehow. But moving on does not mean ditching your love for this cult phenomena vehicle entirely. You can actually still own it, but this time, it has to go into your kitchen because, the familiar lines now exist as a fridge. Yes. That’s a VW Bus refrigerator that we are talking about! Holy sh… Continue reading The VW Bus Lives Again! But Now It Will Park In Your Kitchen As A Refrigerator

LG Twin Wash System Lets You Wash Two Loads Of Laundry At The Same Time

When it comes to doing laundry, most of us couldn’t care less about the different types of clothes that get thrown into the washing machine, but for everyone who does, LG Twin Wash System Washing Machine is just the home appliance you may have been dreaming of. As the product name implies, this particular washing machine setup lets you wash two loads of laundry simultaneously; one load in the main washer and the second load, in the mini washer under the main washer. LG proposes that the mini washer to be used for laundry that requires special attention such as delicate items that could benefit from unique wash settings. Continue reading LG Twin Wash System Lets You Wash Two Loads Of Laundry At The Same Time

GE New Freestanding Ranges Has Built-in WiFi, Lets You Take Control With Smartphone

how many times have you left house and start to wonder have you turn the oven off? well, if you cook, chances are you have such experience at one time or another. wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check and if its not off, turn it off, while on the go? such is what GE Profile Series Connected Ranges has to offer. we already have connected cooker, among other things, so why not the oven too? available in both electric and gas models, these freestanding stove and oven combo kitchen appliance joins the Internet of Things bandwagon, allowing you to preheat, set the time, and check the cooking status using GE Brillion mobile app on your smartphone. Continue reading GE New Freestanding Ranges Has Built-in WiFi, Lets You Take Control With Smartphone

Swash Is A Machine That Takes Care Of Your Dirty Clothes Without Washing

doing laundry is part of parcel of our daily lives, however, if you often find yourself facing mountains of unwashed laundry (we don’t want to judge), then Whirlpool might be able to help. in partnership with Procter and Gamble, it has developed a home appliance that will help postpone your trips to the laundromat. described as the “microwave for clothes”, the Swash Express Clothing Care System, as it is officially called, is geared towards people who have the penchant of wearing used clothes over and over again before washing it. such a habit may not necessary be the act of laziness or slobs (oops); it could be for clothing longevity or the opposite, for garments such as jeans, which is said to have a more distressed and worn look if wash less often. Continue reading Swash Is A Machine That Takes Care Of Your Dirty Clothes Without Washing

GE Monogram French Door Built-in Refrigerator

need a serious touch of luxury in your kitchen? well, it helps if you have the space to spare (and deep pockets too) cos’ you will be needing it to fit this lavish GE Monogram French Door Built-in Refrigerator in there. apparently, French door configuration fridge is flying up the consumer purchasing chart which, in an individualist’s point of view, chances of you having an identical looking refrigerator as your neighbors’ or best friends’ is much higher. which also means if standing out from horde is what you are after, then the GE Monogram French Door Built-in Refrigerator, though not limited edition or anything of sort, will allows you to do so, mainly because of its rather prohibitive pricing (we come to that later). Continue reading GE Monogram French Door Built-in Refrigerator

Fagor Spoutnik

Fagor Spoutnik Microwave Oven
Fagor Spoutnik | £179.00 | www.fagor.co.uk

every once a while we come across a product that challenges the convention and invites the same old question: what the heck is that?! the Fagor Spoutnik you see here, is exactly that product that falls into the aforementioned category. at the first glance, there’s no way to know that it is a microwave oven. at its heart of this futuristic spherical kitchen appliance, it is still very much a dutiful microwave oven that does most microwave oven does: reheat, defrost and cook your food stuff with a choice of high or low heat. Continue reading Fagor Spoutnik

Anna Heater by Stadler Form

Anna Heater by Stadler Form
Anna Heater by Stadler Form | $99.99 | www.stadlerform.ch

like the gadgets that we use, we expect the home appliances that own to embody both form and functionality. even though a tropical country like ours have absolutely no need for a heater, we still drools over this sleek offering from Switzerland firm Stadler Form, dubbed the Anna Heater. so what’s so great about Anna? for starter it is definitely not a lady that will fuel dispute between you and your partner and it is by far, the most affordable ($99.99, to be precise) and yet, non-hideous looking heaters. Continue reading Anna Heater by Stadler Form

Koolatron Can Vending Fridge

Koolatron Can Vending Fridge
Koolatron Can Vending Fridge | US$129.95 | koolatron.com

if you love vending machines, then you must love Japan – the undisputed land of the vending machines but instead of going all way out to the land of the rising sun to embrace the vending machine culture, why not own one yourself (seriously, sushi is not for everyone)? if that’s what you have in mind, then the Koolatron Can Vending Fridge is the must-have machine that will satisfy your need for a vending machine in your home. instead of a regular compact fridge, you can opt for this mini fridge styled after a real vending machine. Continue reading Koolatron Can Vending Fridge

LG LFX31945ST Door-in-Door Refrigerator

LG LFX31945ST Door-in-Door French-door Refrigerator
LG LFX31945ST Door-in-Door Refrigerator | US$3,499.00 | www.lg.com

according to a survey commissioned by LG, fridge is considered one of the most accessed home appliance in a household, with one-third of the surveyed consumers saying that their fridge door is opened between 20 to 50 times a day. that’s an awful lot times and needless to say, a costly one. the reason is obvious, opening of the fridge allows the cold air to escape hence reducing the efficiency of the fridge which in turns, increases the cost of operation. the frequently access section is probably the door bin area where most of us would place our beverages and dairy products. Continue reading LG LFX31945ST Door-in-Door Refrigerator