New LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerators Touts Germ-killing Water Dispenser

LG is back with a new InstaView refrigerator. This time, instead of making ice spheres, LG has incorporate the new InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators with the brand’s latest obsession: killing germs.

Xbox Made A Functioning Xbox Series X Fridge

When the Xbox Series X was revealed, its long black monolith form quickly became a meme by the virtue of it looking like a black refrigerator. Fast forward a few months later, with the imminent arrival of the hardware, Xbox has turned the meme into a reality. It has made a Xbox Series X Fridge… […]

LG Introduces New InstaView Refrigerators That Automatically Makes 2-inch Ice Spheres

I can’t imagine anyone who needs ice in their drinks than those desert or tropical region dwellers. OK, maybe party animals who host parties at home frequently probably need a shit load of ice too. For the latter, a refrigerator that automatically makes ice will be most welcome. More so, if the fridge makes slow-melting […]

Samsung Shove An AKG Speaker Into Its 2018 Fridge Lineup Because, It Can

For some reason, the folks over at Samsung think the cold box in your kitchen deserved to be equipped with a premium quality sound speaker from AKG. Yes. AKG on a refrigerator. Perhaps, having a speaker on a fridge solely for the purpose of audio alerts is nothing of a biggie or even news, but […]

The VW Bus Lives Again! But Now It Will Park In Your Kitchen As A Refrigerator

We have heard Volkswagen is rebooting the iconic VW Bus and if I ask me, I’d say the news come as both yay and nay. Yay because the microbus is coming back and nay because it will never be as cool as the iconic ride (cue The Doors’ Light My Fire). I guess somethings are […]

LG Twin Wash System Lets You Wash Two Loads Of Laundry At The Same Time

When it comes to doing laundry, most of us couldn’t care less about the different types of clothes that get thrown into the washing machine, but for everyone who does, LG Twin Wash System Washing Machine is just the home appliance you may have been dreaming of. As the product name implies, this particular washing […]

GE New Freestanding Ranges Has Built-in WiFi, Lets You Take Control With Smartphone

how many times have you left house and start to wonder have you turn the oven off? well, if you cook, chances are you have such experience at one time or another. wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check and if its not off, turn it off, while on the go? such is […]

Swash Is A Machine That Takes Care Of Your Dirty Clothes Without Washing

doing laundry is part of parcel of our daily lives, however, if you often find yourself facing mountains of unwashed laundry (we don’t want to judge), then Whirlpool might be able to help. in partnership with Procter and Gamble, it has developed a home appliance that will help postpone your trips to the laundromat. described […]

GE Monogram French Door Built-in Refrigerator

need a serious touch of luxury in your kitchen? well, it helps if you have the space to spare (and deep pockets too) cos’ you will be needing it to fit this lavish GE Monogram French Door Built-in Refrigerator in there. apparently, French door configuration fridge is flying up the consumer purchasing chart which, in an individualist’s

Fagor Spoutnik

every once a while we come across a product that challenges the convention and invites the same old question: what the heck is that?! the Fagor Spoutnik you see here, is exactly that product that falls into the aforementioned category. at the first glance, there’s no way to know that it is a microwave oven. at its heart of this futuristic spherical kitchen appliance, it is still very much a…