We have heard Volkswagen is rebooting the iconic VW Bus and if I ask me, I’d say the news come as both yay and nay. Yay because the microbus is coming back and nay because it will never be as cool as the iconic ride (cue The Doors’ Light My Fire). I guess somethings are best left in the era where it belongs. However emotionally tied we are to certain objects, we have to move on somehow. But moving on does not mean ditching your love for this cult phenomena vehicle entirely. You can actually still own it, but this time, it has to go into your kitchen because, the familiar lines now exist as a fridge. Yes. That’s a VW Bus refrigerator that we are talking about! Holy sh…

Gorenje Retro VW Bus Freestanding Refrigerator

Manufactured by home appliance brand Gorenje, the Retro VW Bus Freestanding Refrigerator is what you expect it to be: a fridge with retro lines and an aesthetic that is unmistakably VW Bus. That means, a dual-tone paint job, separated by the highly recognizable curvy ‘V’ and finished with a lovely VeeDub logo. Beyond the likeness (and possibly, spirit) of the VW Bus, the inside is pretty much an ordinary refrigerator. Instead of packing 7 high-on-pot hippies, it offers 260 liters (nearly 69 US Gallons) cold storage space for whatever needs to be chilled.

Gorenje Retro VW Bus Freestanding Refrigerator

Features include deep door bottle shelf, a cooling system that promised to distribute temperature evenly, air with extra negative ions, largest fruit and veggies bins with low temperature and adjustable humidity, power-saving bright LED light, a lower temperature drawer dedicated to fresh meat and produce, SimpleSlide shelves offers easy movement shelves’ vertical position, and finally, all Gorenje refrigerators are highly energy efficiently, rated at A+++.

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The Gorenje Retro VW Bus Freestanding Refrigerator (OBRB153BL) comes in a choice of Burgundy or Baby Blue and though it is available as we speak, we are absolutely clueless when it comes to the pricing. Skip past a few more looks for the product intro video.

Gorenje Retro VW Bus Freestanding Refrigerator

Gorenje Retro VW Bus Freestanding Refrigerator

Gorenje Retro VW Bus Freestanding Refrigerator

Images: Gorenje.

via Awesome Stuff 365.

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